Detoxmyths Athelio

Detox myths come with an array of illiteracy, following which might be detrimental to your health. That’s why facts come first, that bodies can detox naturally.

Our bodies do not need a detoxification program as the toxins in our body has its way of self-flushing. Meaning all those branded detoxification programs for 20 days of weight loss, best thrown out. 

Our bodies contain two types of toxins:

  • Endotoxins
  • Exotoxins

The endotoxins are feces, urea, and lactic acid. And the Exotoxins comprises chemicals from beauty products, soaps, clothes detergent, and more. 


The liver can naturally remove such toxins from our system, without any extra help. 

And for detoxifying, our bodies need the right foods in the system. And the best way to do so would be to have sugar, fats, and alcohol in moderation. This way, the liver can do its job without any hassles. 

Now, various myths about detoxing require facts. such as:


Detoxing Products are Safe


Facts: Detox myths on this are incorrect as these special foods and drinks can disbalance your system and even cause vitamin and mineral deficiency.

You might end up having stomach upset issues, lack of energy, digestion trouble, and more!

Several such products do not come with a safety stamp and authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. 

Hence, it is best to stick to your daily healthy diet.


Detox Helps with Weight Loss


Fact: You only lose some lean muscles and water weight, but not any excess fat off your system. 

Moreover, these diets are not for the long-term. These benefits o water-weight loss are only during the short-lived diet. 

Your body shall add up this after the next big meal. Instead, opt for safe weight loss packages with healthy diets that do not need you to eat less, but eat right. 


Detoxifying Can Help Be Healthy Again


Fact: If you are a junk-food addict, fat storage in your liver can be a stubborn one. The fat deposit stays in the system and can lead to liver ailments. 

And a detox diet shall not be able to remove it. What you can do is reduce your oil, sugar, and alcohol take to add more and keep the diseases at bay. 

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