I’ve heard a lot about these new pair of pants/leggings which are said to have built-in resistance band. Seriously, Resistance band in pants? I mean, I have an obsession with resistance bands because they turn out to be your best companion whenever you are traveling or couldn’t get time to hit the gym.

So, I thought of giving it a try and believe me it was amazing! Physiclo designed these pants to increase your burn during the workout and that’s where I got sold!

Physiclo is founded by Keeth Smart an Olympic fencer who won silver in Beijing Games along with his co-founder Frank Yao. Gear was originally designed to help obese people shed some weight by simply walking around in them. They soon realized that it can help the athletes achieve their goals efficiently.

According to company, product was tested on 19 marathon runners, who trained in the pants and finally completed seven minutes faster than others. They say, gear can increase your energy burn by about 14 percent and increase muscle activation by 23 percent.

You can wear them for any workout – running, cycling, CrossFit, barre, whatever. These leggings generate extra resistance in every direction. Just like resistance bands, bigger your movement, more is the resistance.

Here’s how it was to run in these resistance leggings:

These pair of leggings weigh somewhere around a pound when you hold them, certainly heavier than your normal yoga pants but are quite comfortable when you squeeze yourself into them. Just a few moments after I started to run, I could actually feel the increase in efforts that I usually put in.

I could feel my legs working harder than usual. It feels like I’m moving slowly in water, no matter how hard I try to move more quickly.  These leggings add almost 10 pounds of resistance and I could feel a pull-back around my glutes, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors.

I noticed a shortening of my stride just to keep my legs from working even harder (cheat alert!). Towards the end of my run, my legs definitely started shaking and my muscles seemed to work extra hard at every step forward.

My next run

I could really feel the difference when I ran without these leggings after training in them for a week. Without any resistance around my thighs, I was feeling light and quick on my feet. It literally felt like floating down a lazy river toward a finish line.

What I didn’t like

However, these pants don’t look like they have extra material in them and your legs look a little thinner in them, they sort of create an awkward bulge around your glutes and crotch as you move. Some people might feel a bit awkward noticing the stares of the people passing by.

Second thing, they are extremely hard to get on. You literally spend a lot of time trying to squeeze yourself into them. I don’t think I could train in extra resistance for every workout on my marathon plan. Logically, when I don’t do arm exercise two days in a row, so why would I do that to my legs everyday, all the time.

Final Verdict 

I would certainly wear these pants again even if just to feel like I have a super speedy, buoyant stride after taking them off. Extra effort that I need to put in my workout while wearing them on is definitely worth it and gives me an extra boost towards my goals. They are basically like lifting weights and you have to treat them as such.

You can buy them from here.

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