A Simple Home Made Diet Plan To Lose Weight

It is normal for us sacrifice food for the sake of a leaner body. But addition of goodness is what makes us fitter. The weight-loss journey will require more responsibilities than hitting the gym 5-times a week as you have to check what goes in your body too. All the goodness and rich nutrition is what we are talking about.

There is a lot of advantages in following a diet plan to lose weight. It provides the energy to burn at the gym a well as soothe our system. Let us look through the few advantages.

1. Nutrition Stays Balanced

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The whole body functions on what we put in it. The best fuel will get the engine revving. You’ll need proper protein intake for energy and toning, fibers to keep you filled, nutrients to help quicken metabolism. All will work together in order to shed the extra weight.

2. Losing Weight Gets Easier

Plenty of fruits and vegetables are out there waiting to be consumed that burn our fat faster and increases the metabolism rate. We have to know which of these ingredients fare well at the correct time of the day in order to maintain a balanced diet.

3. Lifestyle Changes

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There is beauty to eating healthy. After a few weeks of doing your most to keeping a healthy food regime, you’ll start noticing that junk foods will be less craved as daily snack or meal items. This can be the biggest achievement on our weight-loss journey.

With these points kept in mind, let us help you forma a basic diet-chart of a day that can help you initiate a good and wholesome fitness journey.

Early Morning Breakfast

Nutrition Morning Cereal Breakfast Meal Food Bowl

Begin your day with a handful of almonds and have a bottle of detox water ready for the next few hours. This is the pre-workout plan. Before workout, eat bananas to gain an energy meter to burn off while in regime. Post workout, go in for a cup of black tea or coffee. Add skimmed or almond milk if you wish to. Instead of sugar, add a dash of honey for taste. Before heading out, head for some granola and oats with sliced fruits.

Quick Brunch

Brunch doesn’t mean we go into the local pizza joint. Instead, choose something that keep you filled and healthy. If you’re in the working sector, keep some fruits such as apples and berries to munch on. These will provide you with adequate vitamins and minerals for the day. If the hunger pangs rise, go in for a granola bar. This fiber rich food will keep you energized and feeling filled for a long period of time.


Food Lunch Olives Fit Spinach Table Salad

Low Fat Lunch can include zucchini pasta, grilled chicken with veggies or carrot and ginger soup. You can pack them for lunch or have them delivered to you from a rusted eatery. Make sure to let them know to not add excessive fat-inducing oil in any of these meals. Drink water at least 20 minutes post-lunch in order to let the digestive juices break the food without cooling up your system.

Snacks for Evening

This is a vital time to check on what you eat. Evening snacks are something we wait for throughout the day. Let’s go healthy. Apple slices with peanut butter will be crunchy and healthy a choice while adding almonds and berries to Greek yogurt shall be a refreshing munch. These ingredients are low on calories and helps keeping the system healthy.

Dinner Time

Chicken Food Lunch Brussels Sprouts Tomatoes Meal

This meal shall be a trophy for not letting any junk food enter your system. Make sure to have it tasty and nutritious. Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower with garlic bread and boiled eggs, carrot soup, herb chicken and squash lasagna are nice and filling options, cooking which will be quite an adventure.  They will not only be a party in he mouth but balancing protein with fibers and minerals give the body a lot of good food to break and progress from.


Before bed, sometimes we want to munch on a few things to keep ourselves fit. Throw out the chips packet and bring in kale crisps with avocado dip. Mix up a bowl of fruits with low-fat yogurt or have a few crispy low-vat veggie sticks with guacamole dip. These munchies will not be a bane to the system as well as break into the body while you sleep, providing repair and care.

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