Lower Body Workout Get Killer Thighs And Butt Athelio

Want lean muscular thighs and a tighter buttocks, look no further. We are here to help you with the quickest exercises that aid in toning thighs and preventing the buttocks from sagging. Most of the types of workouts we try, we concentrate only on shedding weight and lump of fat around the body. But it is important that our lower body remains sturdy enough to support the entire physique.

Following are 4 exercises to get properly toned thighs and buttocks –

1. Narrow Squat

  • Stand with your legs and feet touching
  • Keep the arms balled-up in-front of your chest
  • Slowly bend down your knees, keeping the back and chest ached up
  • Raise the body to straighten it up before continuing again
  • Try this for 10 counts, 3 reps each.

2. Narrow Squat with Back Kick

  • Initiate the workout with the previously mentioned exercise
  • While raising the body, stand up and kick back with one leg
  • Bring the leg back, initiate another narrow squat, raise up and kick back with the alternate leg
  • Continue this for 10 counts alternatively for 3 reps.

3. Basic Squat

  • Stand with your feet apart, a little away from the shoulders.
  • Keeping your arms balled-ups in-front of your chest, bend your knees down
  • Make sure to keep your abdomen tight and back straight
  • Bend down till you’re in a low-sitting position
  • Rise up and go for it again, trying for 10 counts for 3 reps.

4. Basic Squats with Side Leg Raise

  • Initiate from the previously mentioned exercise
  • After bending down, raise your body up slowly, straightening the knees
  • Bring a leg up towards the side, raising it
  • Repeat with bringing the body down to squatting, raising up and lifting the alternate leg to the side
  • Alternate and continue for 10 counts in 3 reps each.

Within a month, you’ll notice visible toning and changes in the lower body and buttocks.

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