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Confidence is key. Us girls have it tough in the world, but it surely can’t put us down. If we have to be honest, there are many occurrences in the world, many teachings that began at home, have long dictated that we are mostly shadows under powerful people.

But remember, you’re deserving all the strength and confidence in the world. Building it yourself will provide you with the love and adoration you much need from your self. Here are a few steps that a girl with confidence and power moves follow at all times.

1. Show it In Your Moves

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How we move gives a good observance of who we are. While slouched shoulders, strolling about at workplace might give the vibe of lack in confidence and boredom, upright, steady posture and chin high gives you the authoritative¬†figure that will have your suggestions taken seriously and professionally. And no, you don’t have to smile to make anyone listen, do it with power and poise.

2. Set Your Goals Straight

Planning is important. The consistency in life and workplace comes from knowing where to step in next. A strong and confident you will be building your life upon not being dependent on others but knowing exactly where you should be headed. Plan ahead in life, fight off any adversities that stand in your path. Remember, we all start small but with humility and power, you can bring forth great changes in your life.

3. Know Your Ups and Downs

Know Your Worth Athelio Com

What makes you, is important. Keeping a track of what boosts you and what brings you down can serve later in making decisions that have an integral part to play in your life. Remember to differ between strength coming from ushing for the best and strength coming from wishing to run away from what you dislike. Use the former so well that the latter does not dare to even occur in your life.

4. Your Agreement Comes with Comfort

We have been long taught as women, to respect without having an opinion of ours. This could only have been possible by will till we were 7. But as we grow older, our own conclusions matter more than to keep people happy. Know the worth of your agreement, this will help you create a persona that people will think twice before suggesting some silly ideas.

5. Question Orders

Know Your Orders Athelio Com

Certain orders in professional and personal life are about keeping things subtle. But things out of that order can be questioned. For example, if you’re told to hold down a job with less pay than your effort, ask them the pay per which scheme they use in order to have the job done. In your personal life, you’re not liable to please anyone, respect comes from respect itself, not by age or gender. Remember to assert your principle of inquiring before told to do something to please anyone for the sake of reputation.

6. Help Others

Yes, it is quite visible that the media loves a ‘cat-fight’. But this is just a scam to make our gender seem near to being inept. We are more than women hating women, throughout history, it has been proven that we have fought for ourselves and for those who are in the same situation. Help your friend succeed while you do. Be their inspiration, not their obstacle. A strong woman lets her rays flow and touch others’ lives.

7. Walk Out of Your Safe Zone

Start Fresh Athelio Com

To be quite honest, if we ever ask ourselves which age it was for us to feel like we are objects, the minimum would be 7. The masses who believe we are nothing but shrieking voices, have long kept us away from reality out of our own fear to go face it. Brush it off, go forth, sand in front of your obstacle to walk over it. Yes, this will take a while. A year or a few months, what matters is what does you wrong cannot win against your fiery persona.

8. Love Yourself

For you, you come first. At times we tend to sacrifice our own happiness for merely taking care of the people around us. This destroys our identity as lovers, wives, and mere trophies. Find the right people in your life who does not come between you and nurturing your persona, but helps you nurture it back if you’re ever knocked down. In and out of bonds, you’re still you. A whole identity.

Your confidence relies on how you treat yourself. You’re the leader of your own path, lead it the best way.

Image Credit : Pexels.com

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