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All our muscles require balanced amount of workout to grow and become stronger. At times, we might overwork one set of muscles overtime, thereby concentrating less on the other body part.

The exercises we are about to show will help target most of our muscle with one exercise type each, thereby saving time and giving the most in the given moment.

Advantages :

1. Helps with Time Management

Our muscles, after one strenuous session can face wear and tear, that require time to heal. Exercising on the same set of muscles on the next day does not prove fruitful. If we alter days, in a way that on first day we perform full body workout, and cardio on the second, this will give ample time to heal muscles and at the same time, resume with the fitness regime.

2. Possible to be Skipped for a Day

Since a whole body workout targets more muscle areas and mass, it can help you perform 2 days of regime for 1 day, thereby providing a rest day to heal. It does the body no harm to skip and rest at times if needed.

Effective Workout Athelio Com

3. Faster Workout

Multiple or Compound muscle workouts cater to faster and thorough regimes that is similar to HIIT regimes. There is more calorie burns and within small amount of time, within which, one can try full body exercises and fit in cardio o sweeten the deal.

Types of Full-Body Workouts :

1. Leg Raises

  • Holding on a pull-up, prop your body up from the floor
  • Keeping torso and abdomen tight, raise your leg up front
  • Keep the legs straight up in-front of your body, both should be on equal levels
  • Raise them up more if you can
  • Bring them down and resume lifting legs
  • Repeat 10 times

2. Tricep Dips

  • Sit on a gym bench with legs spread in-front
  • Raise your shoulders and use the hands to holds the ends of the bench
  • Push your hips and glutes forward, away from the bench and dip it down, legs spread front and arms supporting the body
  • Raise up the body with your arms and resume to dip again
  • Repeat this for 10 times

3. Pull-Ups

  • Hold a pull-up bar with both hands and prop yourself off the ground
  • Fold your knees together to make a steady support for the lower body
  • Using your arms, raise your body up over the pull-up bar
  • Pull yourself up till the elbows are parallel to the waist
  • Pull in the wing areas towards each other when raised up
  • Bring the body down(legs still above ground) and repeat
  • Continue for 10 counts

4. Push-Ups

  • Lie on the floor, on your hands in planking position
  • Keeping the thighs and knees steady on the floor, prop your upper body up with the help of your arms
  • Be sure to not raise more than your waist, lower body should be stable
  • Lower the body down and raise again.
  • Repeat for 10 counts

5. Decline-Push ups

  • Put yourself in a raised-plank position, but the legs should be propped on a stable bench from behind
  • Initiate with push ups while the legs are raised and supported on top of a chair
  • Be sure to keep core tight and arms within proper distance from each other to have balance throughout the body
  • Try this workout for 10 times

6. Squats

  • Stand with feet parallel to the shoulders
  • Keep your arms bend behind your neck
  • Maintaining tightness on the core and glutes, bend your knees down
  • Be sure to have your upper body straight and not bending forward
  • Repeat this for 10 counts.


These exercises will make sure that the entire body gets balanced amount of timing for exercises and improvement.

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