A 7 Day Challenge

If you’re asking yourself why it’s taking so much time to lose the pounds, then it’s time to ask some better questions.
What are your daily habits? Do you follow a rigid regime or let yourself slack off due to self-discouragement?
Well, let’s take note of the moments you’ve slacked off to and start over. Remember, there are no Jan 1 fitness goals if you’re not ready to push yourself the same way daily.
Here is a 7-day challenge to follow and if you can begin small, this can become a daily health routine.

1. Cut down on Soda Drinks

Fizzy Drinks Athelio Com

These are a bane to our health. These fizzy drinks can increase fat content in the body by the high amounts of sugar in it. In times of thirst, opt for some chilled cucumber or citrus water. This option is not only healthy but keeps check on your system.

2. Skip on Alcohol Consumption

Booze Consumption Athelio Com

Alcohol can prompt the body to retain water due to the feeling of dryness. It also disturbs the digestive system. Fresh fruit juice, smoothies, and healthy drinks are always the best option.

3. No Red Meat

Mutton Biriyani Athelio Com

Red meat can tend to affect heart health and increase cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol are highly dangerous for the system. You can substitute this for smoked or grilled chicken, salmon, and tuna.

4. Daily Intake of Citrus fruits

Citrus Athelio Com

If not the whole fruit, then the juice at least. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C and minerals which improve the various functions of our bodies. Fruits such as orange have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which heal our system and help it feeling healthy and fit.

5. Daily Workouts.

Daily Exercise Athelio

Begin with 3 days a week, increasing the workout rate as you become more and more comfortable.

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