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Our fantasies are beautiful and naughty. But a little bit of workout can make the experience worth a good memory. Various Vedic Sanskrit text defined Yoga and its power to heal the human body and introduce healing properties as well as in increasing our sexual stamina.

While we are losing a few pounds, let us try making our libidinal pleasures a little more exciting with these yoga stretches.

1. Happy Baby Pose

  • Lie on a mat and bring your knees close to the chest
  • Hod them with your hand and stretch them outwards, knees bent, toes pointing up
  • Lift your hands and hold each of your feet
  • Lower your knees down

2. Bridge Pose

  • Lie down and bend your feet up
  • Feet should be fully on the floor
  • Bring your hands on either side of your body
  • Keeping core strength intact, raise your glutes and lower back off the ground
  • Balance steadily on your legs
  • Form a bridge with your body.

3. Cat-Cow Pose

  • Bring your body on all 4s
  • Lower your belly and raise your glutes
  • Look straight up. This is the cow pose
  • Now raise your belly up, lif your rib cage up
  • Lower your head down. This is the cat pose

4. Chair Pose

  • Stand straight and bend your knees slightly
  • Lower your body down but not beyond your toe-line
  • Raise your hands up in the air above you
  • Lower your hands and body toward the ground near your feet
  • Raise them up and repeat.

5. Eagle Pose

  • Bring your body down to chair pose
  • Put your hands on the thighs and rotate the muscles in
  • Bright your hands up, knees bent still and interlock them
  • Slowly, transfer your body weight on the left leg and raise your right leg up
  • Maintain proper balance and wrap your right leg around your left leg

6. Child Pose

  • Sit on your thighs, back straight
  • Slowly extend out your hands and lean down
  • Bring your body to the mat, knees bent and let the arms rest in front of you

7. Exalted Warrior Pose

  • Stand side facing and extend out your legs
  • The right leg should be extended out in front, left leg at the back
  • Lower down your right leg, till thigh is parallel to the ground
  • Extend out your left leg at the back for balance
  • Raise your right hand up and look up
  • Lower your left arm towards the left leg

8. Goddess Pose

  • Stand with your feet apart beyond shoulder width
  • Raise your glutes sightly and bend your knees down
  • Knees should be bent outwards
  • Lift your hands and bend them, fingers pointing up and elbows bent down

9. Butterfly Pose

  • Sit down with your legs extended out
  • Bend your knees outwards and le the feet face each other in the middle
  • Hold the feet with your hands
  • Lower your upper body down towards the ground

These exercises will help to increase your sex drive and enjoy moments you crave.




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