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Physical pain always equates to strips after strips of pills and their side effects. Medication has excellent effects on pains, be it migraine or joint pains, but the number of aftermath they have on organs are not worth it. Muscle pulls, stains and the burning pain from the first try at gym might want you to take a day off your fitness schedules. A little help wit a few tips to cure aches without the need for medicines will go a long way.

Following are natural ways to heal pain:

1. Ice Baths

Ice baths provide all-round healing to sore muscles after a hard day at the gym. Muscle stiffness from workouts you aren’t accustomed to, occurs within 12 hours of regime, in forms of swelling or pain, which can lead to inflammation. Ice baths restrict blood flow from vessels, making them travel to the core. Muscles regain the blood within few minutes of ice bath as the warmth afterwards pumps the blood to the muscles. The blood is rich in oxygen which flushes out toxins and provide nutrients to the muscles and the entire body.

2. Anti-Inflammation Diet

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All round soreness and pain from workout is not quite the comforting or encouraging feedback one might receive on fitness regimes. The body requires food supplements with anti-inflammatory and antioxidants rich nutrients that prevent the body from swelling and blood clotting in one area of internal injury. In order to protect and heal the wounds, food such as green leafy veggies like spinach and kale, nuts, strawberries, cherries and sardines have anti-inflammatory properties that heal wounds or pain, in the most natural manner possible, which are safer than pills.

3. Acupuncture

Sounds risky and quite well, prickly! But fear not, experts who provide relief from stress or pain through the needle therapy know parts of body that activates the system to release endorphins which ease the pain and reduces it steadily. Acupuncture is convenient for therapeutic stress as it stimulates the central nervous system to release chemicals throughout spinal cord, muscle and brain, creating an aura of healing. It is known best to relieve you of chronic back pain.

4. Rolling on Foam

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Improve posture for foam rolling as it helps building collagen to heal scars or back aches and muscle aches after workouts. Few roles should be followed in terms of foam rolling as even though it is effective as an at-gym healing before getting back on track. In order to adjust the flow of fibers inside the muscles and tissues, follow the simple guidelines provided here. 

5. Kineseology Tape

Kineseology tapes are the modern method of controlling sore areas without restricting their movement in muscles. Ligaments, tendons and muscles tend to be stressed from constant movement or prolonged inertia, making them difficult to move around. This tape reduces the pain and rather, constricts it, to have the muscles of that area move without any strain. Shoulders, wrists, knee joints and lower back are perfect places to apply kineseology tape to help the muscles relax and repair themselves.

6. Epsom Bath Salts

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Nothing for rejuvenating like taking a warm scented bath for an hour or so, walking out like a new human being. A nice hot bath after workouts not only regulates better blood flow through the system but with epsom bath salts, brimming with magnesium content, heals inflammation and scarred tissues after exercise regimes. Joints and back take the most hit on days of lifting. On these days, extra attention to the stressed areas is required by soothing the sore muscles and overall tensed body.

7. Manual Therapy

Steel utensils or instruments, have a therapeutic effect on inflammations, bruises and even pain. Massaging frozen stainless steel utensils over bruised areas. Manual therapy is an at home remedy to bruises and helps with the minor pains and back aches most of the time. If the pain proceeds to be worsen, ultrasound and doctor’s treatments need to play a vital role.

8. Stretching

Stretching Exercise Athelio Com

What better that stretching out to relieve tension off the muscles and stress points of the body. Stretching exercises provide the muscles with curative effect from back aches and joint pains from strenuous exercises or slouching for too long. It helps to bring about flexibility in the body to perform daily tasks without sores and aches making you take a step back. Learn about stretching and techniques of it to know which type might come necessary for which part of the body.

The body needs healing from the heavy physical labors it carries out throughout the day. As the caregiver, it is your duty to relieve it off the pain and discomforts it faces. Care for the body and it will give u back a healthy and energetic self to work with.

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