8 unknown gym mistakes making you fat athelio

Gym is where we head to achieve physical perfection. Through our hard earned muscles and strong glutes, an achievement received after putting in hard work, you can say that nothing is impossible. But to achieve what is perfect, one must know every bit of technique that goes into it.

One imperfect habit while working out, can cause a physical injury or even the process of fitness to completely slow down. If we follow these few simple steps to perfecting the journey of fitness :

1. Warm Up Before Workouts

Push Up And Warm Up Athelio Com

It is important to loosen up the muscles and the entire body before working out. Not only does warm up activate the muscles but boosts up the body with heat to kick start regimes. If you think going straight to exercise will be a quick fix, a sudden arms cramp during inclined lifting might turn out lethal. Simple jumping jacks, stretches and push-ups are easy on the body and powers you up for tougher regimes.

2. Do Not Concentrate on One Muscle

Muscle Work Out Athelio Com

Starting off as a beginner, a few days of single muscle workouts might be a good way to initiate fitness. But in the long run, it only mean you’re concentrating on one muscle group in one set. But incorporating compound muscles of one area in lifting might be more beneficial for you. Instead of just alternate dumb-bell curling, side raises and weight push-downs, focus more on squatting with weight, dead-lifting and air-lifts help in combining multiple muscles in one exercise and gives all-round better muscle strength and growth.

3. Make Changes in Routine

Our bodies are like machines, if one activity is done through it multiple times, it catches onto the flow without any hesitation. But in case of workouts, our system might get accustomed to a level where the daily routine might turn out to be lesser in effect to lose pounds on gain muscles. When the body gets familiarized with the same movements and same amount of weights in lifting, the results tend to become slower. Best way to combat this is to alter routines after every 3 months to help the body adapt to changes constantly.

4. Change to Heavier Weights

Heavy Weights Athelio Com

As a beginner, you start with lighter weights for the body to be accustomed to it, but within weeks, forget to upgrade the weight. Lighter weights do not help in build muscles as constantly lifting the same amount has the body adapt to it. It is a known fact that more weight we add, the stronger the muscles will tend to steadily be. It might not be easy pulling 10 counts 3 reps with heavier weight on first go, not a problem, Try 3, 5 then go higher. he moment you have that tested, aim higher. This helps in building enduring muscles.

5. Do Not Spend More Than an Hour in the Gym

It has been proven and suggested that an hour maximum, inclusive of warm-ups is enough for a day’s regime. Yet some of us feel that more is better. That not only tires out the muscles more than it should but also wastes more hours of a productive day. Do not hinder the rest time with phone call or chatting, try to take around 1 minute rest between heavy workouts. Taking too long a rest period might aid the body to lose the warmth and heat which was burning calories.

6. Drink Adequate Amount of Water

Drink More Water Athelio Com

Water is essential in the weight-loss regime. I replenishes he energy and helps the body to perform better. This performance can be heavily hindered through dehydration. During workouts, our body might give away a liter of water in the form of sweat. This lack of water plus not drinking, will lead to dehydration.

Dehydration not only causes muscle cramps but also fatigue. Keep a bottle of water or energy drinks alongside the equipment you carry. For endurance workouts and cardio, carry a bottle of coconut water as it helps adding back the lost electrolytes. Sugar in coconut water is healthy and helps restoring energy steadily.

7. Give All Muscles Equal Training

At times, we might find working on one body part to be easier or more interesting than the others. This is not healthy for the bones, nor in the way the body proportion looks. If we have a strong muscular torso and abdomen, thin lanky legs would not be the best to carry them. This would lead to weakening in the leg joints and even look absurd and out of proportion. Select a timetable where you can put down days on which you shall concentrate on one part and another part on the next day.

8. Always Ask for Help

Take Help Athelio Com

Asking for help might be very difficult for someone who is shy or just finds people who give unsolicited advice, irritating. But at a gym, help is ultimately necessary so no mistakes are help. In addition to that, there is lot to learn in terms of achieving fitness. Ask and question if you are ever doubtful. It could be the gym trainer or just another person when the former is not around. Not asking only would hurt the body due to mistakes on initial training. Everyone in a gym has started somewhere so knowledge is always adequate around you.

Every bit of work put into fitness and strength training, counts. So let us perfect all the bits and achieve our desired body goals.



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