8 Things To Build Confidence And Change Your Life

Understanding yourself is more important than sacrificing all to make others happy. Some of us go through hell and beyond in order to keep everyone around them satisfied and at peace. But who takes care of their own being?

That’s right, you can only fill someone’s cup when you are brimming with the positivity. In order to fill your cup with own hands, there are moments in life you’ll have to cross where redemption for peace is important.

Holding a grudge or letting negativities shape you will only lead you to worse. Rather, before committing to caring for all, heal yourself by bringing certain changes in your life. These change will help you build confidence and make your life happier.

1. Build New hobbies:

Find an activity that helps you feel calm when you’re alone. This can be sports, hobbies, video games or just simply reading. Taking time off the daily life and daily faces just to be in your shell for a few hours is important as it helps you retain your true self.

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2. Stop Comparing Yourself:

Learn to simply love who you are. You are not your imperfections only. We are made of the universe we look at. It has volcanoes and it has waterfalls. Both aspects being beautiful and dangerous depending upon how individuals perceive them. Since the universe does not adapt to the perception of individuals, you too, stay true to yourself.

3. Don’t hide your Emotions:

Express your emotions more often, We tend to bottle them up so no one is hurt. This is done either out of habit or by the fear of not wanting to lose someone. But when the cap bursts, the gush might be too overwhelming to handle. Instead, be truthful, if it makes anyone ad bit irritated, make the decision to stay out of the comfort of leave for your safety.

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4. Start Saying No:

Learn when to disagree. The term, ‘no’ shows more truth in itself than the yes as the latter can be said easily, even unwilling. Being who you are is all about your comfort. Say no to yourself and others when any chore is of discomfort.

Start Syaing No

5. Talk to your loved Ones:

Speak to your parents. Yes, we do hold a considerable amount of grudge thanks to the number of times we have had to hear a no from our parents. Not having freedom when we wanted it the most can lead to having a passive grudge against who have protected us the most. Clear all out with them and feel a huge chunk pass away from your heart.

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6. Rewind the Memories:

Go back to memories. Revisiting memories keep us grounded and at peace. Thinking about old tikes, childhood silly things and everything in-between can help us see what has brought us where we are. Take some times off and take a shuttle to retrospective wonder.

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7. Stop Being with Negative People:

Walk out of toxicity. We tend to stay and linger in places and with people who have hurt us the most. This can be a lover, friend, and even our jobs. Being in constant fear and discomfort can lead to feeling trapped and muted for the rest of our time. Walk out, never turn back, take your time and re-bounce into your own life.

8. Travel to a new Place:

Visit the places you have always wanted to. It can be the cafe at the opposite end of the city of another city altogether. Give yourself the time and understanding you’re not supposed to be lonely. Being alone can always be fun.

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