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Ups and downs are a part of our life. I bet many of us have a lot of downs rather than ups. However, these downs when they remain in our life for a long time can be risky for your health. Also you feel drained out no matter how much of a happy situation you are in! We should stop this no matter what, to overcome the problems that might possibly take place. These are the signs that indicate you are facing a lot troubles and hence feeling low in life:

1. Illness or physical symptoms:

If you have an increased heart rate or gas related issues or a headache that stays forever then you need to pause for a second and read this. Emotional sickness may affect you physically as well. If you’ve been taking a lot of stress due to some unhealthy relation then you might definitely need some help.

2. Loneliness:

This is when you’ve reached the point that you actually do not care about anything that’s happening around you be it good or bad, you really don’t care. When you don’t feel such an attachment anymore, you undergo a phenomena called Anhedonia. Due to this you are absolutely drained out of any emotion that was left.

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3. Ill temper and annoyance:

You get really angry just because there’s a sound next you that a person’s chewing. Well, that’s not even a reason to get angry and if you feel like it you might probably get annoyed at each and every small instinct around you.

4. Low on inspiration:

You really can’t get out of your bed and change those clothes you’ve been wearing for straight a week is something really bad. All you could feel right now is just to sleep and don’t even want to move a finger. If you do not find an inspiration things could be even worse and you getting a zero in your life.

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5. Loss of expectation:

Expectation, well this is a term you hear right from your childhood straight to your death. The moment you ae born, you are born with a lot of expectations. If you lose this you reach a situation where even if you try to change the bad, you think nothing good can come out of it. This loss of expectation is the last stage and you should definitely get help so that you might not take steps that you regret later on.

6. Simply weep:

You don’t really need a reason, like even if you just had a bite of an apple and you start crying then…….well that’s not really a good condition. When you reach the point where you can no longer handle stuff, you take refuge in weeping and crying to let those emotions out. If this goes to an extreme, there emotionlessness where you don’t feel any emotions no matter what happen.

7. Inability to sleep:

Ever felt that you’re tired to the point that you just want to sleep and don’t want to think about anything else, but you just can’t sleep? Well this is just the start. This phenomena where you can’t get enough sleep be it day or night is called insomnia. You should be careful as this can lead to even more tiredness than you are already feeling. Be sure to get enough sleep and get a doctor’s appointment immediately!

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8. Fatigue:

Tiredness is of one level while fatigue is on another. While tiredness can be taken care of easily by sleep, fatigue cannot be. Even if you sleep through half a year(which you would definitely not do) you still wont be able to get rid of the fatigue. If fatigue gets to you forget about even picking up a phone with your, you wont even be left with that much of energy.

The bottom line can be said that avoiding downs are impossible. But facing them is what we can do and just if extreme conditions persists, don’t be afraid to go get some professional help. It won’t hurt you. It will definitely help you to some extent. Love yourself first in order to give love to others.

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