8 Shoulder Workouts For Women Athelio

We do our most to make our bodies fit and toned. A good bod is complimented will with sleek toned and broad shoulders as they provide the definition of a curvy physique.
You have longed for physiques of female athletes, Goddesses in the sports field. Let’s get you to fitted for the dream body.

1. Bent-Arm Lateral Raises

  • Stand with feet apart shoulder-parallel.
  • Keeping weights in both palms, bend your arms with elbows bent by your sides
  • Inhale in, on exhaling, raise your arms, ebow sticking out, to 90 degrees angle
  • Inhale while bringing them in
  • Try this exercise for 10 counts in 2 reps

2. Dumb-Bell Front Raises

  • Stand with your feet apart, parallel to shoulders.
  • Keep dumb-bells in each of your hands and place your palms in-front of your thighs.
  • Keeping core strength intact, raise your arms straight acing your torso.
  • Try this for 10 counts in 2 reps

3. Reverse-Fly

  • Keep your feet closer and take dumb bells in each hand
  • Bend your arms to the sides, elbows sticking out
  • Make sure your’re holding the weights, elbows sticking back out
  • Lower your upper body at front, leaning down
  • In one count, lower the arms and bring them up o the former position
  • Do this exercise for 10 counts in 2 reps

4. Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

  • On an inclined bench, sit down facing the inclined seat
  • Lower your upper body on the bench
  • Keep two dumb-bells in hand and the chest on the seat
  • With arms on each side, raise them to face-level
  • Bring the arms down to the sides and repeat the process.
  • Practice for 12 counts in 2 sets

5. Lateral Raises

  • With each hand holding dumb bells, roll back your shoulders
  • Make sure your arms on each side f your body, not at front
  • Raise the dumb-bells to your sides
  • Make sure the arms raised are parallel to the shoulders
  • Bring the arms down and repeat the process
  • Continue this for 10 counts in 2 reps

6. Push-Ups

  • Lie on the mat stomach front and bring your body to planking position.
  • Keep your palms under the shoulders, widened and stomach tucked in
  • Raise your body up with the help of your arms, keeping the spine straight and parallel to the floor
  • Lower yourself down and repeat the process
  • Count 10 times in 2 reps

7. Pec Deck Fly

  • Lie on a flat bench, keeping legs bent and on feet on floor
  • Keep two dumb-bells in hand
  • Tuck in your abdomen and raise the dumbbells above, facing your chest
  • Bring the dumb-bells facing out on each side, exhaling at the same time
  • Raise them back again, repeating the process for 15 times in 2 reps

8. Overhead Tricep Extension

  • While sitting down on a bench, take a dumb-bell, holding it over the palms of both hands
  • Bring it over your head and behind your shoulders
  • Keep your arms parallel to your ears, pointing front
  • Lower the dumb-bell down behind your head
  • Raise it up again slightly
  • Practice this exercise for 10 counts in 2 reps

These will ensure that your arms and shoulders tone out and stay strong as your body and beautiful self.

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