You’ve probably heard the benefits protein have on your body, pre and post workout. So you always known that proteins help in muscle recovery, repair your organs and bones and nothing can go wrong with even exceeding its recommended amounts, the same reason, why protein supplements are so famously sold. However, that is not the case.

Obviously, eating a protein rich diet has its own advantages but you need to be aware of consuming too much of it.

Leads to weight gain

Ever heard of replacing carbs with protein in case of weight loss? But that happens only short term. Excess of protein is stored in our body as fat and the rest of amino acid is excreted. This then leads to weight gain over time. A counter to it is, try replacing protein with fats and not carbs.

Foul breath

If you stop your body from consuming carbs and instead start eating a lot of protein, your body will enter into a state of ketosis which produces chemicals giving you foul smell.


A diet deficient in fiber, leads to constipation or irregular bowel movements. To counter it, increase you water intake and fiber consumption too.


This is a very common ailment of protein diets as they flush out excess nitrogen with fluids and water. In order to tackle it, increase your water intake and stay hydrated.

Kidney damage

Consuming a diet high in protein for a very long time can lead to kidney damage or any such related disease. It happens so because of the excess nitrogen found in the amino acids that make up proteins. This requires your kidney to work harder and get rid of the waste products of protein metabolism.

Increased risk of cancer

A high consumption of meat based protein can lead to cancer as well. Eating high amount of meat is associated with colon, breast and prostate cancer.

Heart diseases

A high intake of saturated fats and cholesterol in from of dairy products or red meat increases the risk associated with heart disease.

Calcium loss

Diets high in proteins and meat are associated with osteoporosis or poor bone health mainly because of calcium loss from the body.

Excess of everything is hazardous be it protein only. There should be a recommended dosage of eating one and it should be maintained in those limits only. We suggest you should always consult your nutritionist before starting any change in your diet.

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