Holiday Smoothies Athelio Com

December holidays mean it is time to show off your meal prep skills at the family gathering. While our mothers make the best pecan pie, uncle has his name trophied as the go-to master of grilled meat.

As fitness enthusiasts, helping out our loved ones to stay strong and fit is a gift to share. So, while the family shares there love for meals with you, treat them with drinks that not only add joy to their hearts but help them stay healthy and fit for the winters.

Here are a few oats-based smoothies recipes that are frothy, fruity and fun.

1. Berry, Banana and Oats Smoothies

This is a fruity and rich smoothie that will keep you filled for longer.

2. Rich Coffee and Chocolate Oats Smoothie

No one can say no to chocolate and coffee. It is a blend made in heaven.

3. Vegan Peach Oats Smoothies

This is a light smoothie which can help everyone feel refreshed and light.

4. Strawberry Oats Smoothies

Berries can be eaten together or just one at a time, pick your favorite and you’re good to go.

5. Apple and Oats Smoothie

An apple a day keeps the loved ones close.

6.  Peanut Butter and Oats Smoothie

This is all muscles and no-nonsense. Serve your folks this mean breakfast smoothie.

7. Hot Chocolate Smoothie

This warm and filling drink will keep everyone feeling satiated and at home.

8. Oats and Fresh Fruits Smoothies

This can be a perfect dessert drink after a family meal

Share your joy of flavor and fitness with the folks at home this holiday season.

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