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Dieting is one of the best changes for the system. Jazzing up your meals is always a good option. So let us begin with the cocktails we have been ignoring for the sake of our health.

While we all know keto diet is one of the most effective ways to lose weight faster, our little fun in glasses can be modified to be healthy and befitting to our fitness regimes.

Here are a few recipes, incorporating keto-friendly ingredients that can help you lose fat.

1. Low Carb Champagne Cocktail

Chamagne Drink Athelio Com


Instead of dousing our drinks with sugar cubes for flavor, using stevia sugar drops is always a good option. This non-nutritive, zero calories sweetener adds a dash of flavor to the champagne, giving it the fat-free advantages.

2. Low Carb Moscow Mule

Ginger beer topped with lime and vodka screams holiday drinking. But ginger beer itself can be very sugary and unhealthy for the body. Home-made ginger soda is always a good option. Grate ginger bits, extracting the juice to add in soda, lie and vodka. This is a relatively less sweetener version and better health benefits.

3. Low Carb Margarita

Margarita Drink Athelio Com

The drink that is all about the fiesta should be consumed with caution when you’re under your keto diet program. Sugar syrup added to a margarita is high on fatty substances. Instead, switch it up with a few drops of liquid stevia and you’re good to go.

4. Mojito

From clubs to cafes, this drink is in everyone’s hand. Mojito is albeit the most refreshing sip. But this carb-heavy drink is rich on sugar to cut down the excessive acidity. Instead of sugar, stevia drops can be added for flavor and health benefits.

5. Low Carb Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Drink Athelio Com

This quirky drink is a festivity in our mouth. With Lemon juice, whiskey, sugar syrup, and maraschino cherries, nothing can go wrong. But when looked into the ingredients, while the syrup is heavy with sugar, the cherries have added sweetness and chemicals for coloring. Substituting both is simple when stevia syrup is used instead f sugar and cherries are topped fresh.

6. Low Carb French 75

Champagne with sugar syrup sounds like a sparkling dream come true. But both can be quite detrimental to health if we aren’t cautious enough. While stevia can substitute sugar syrup flawlessly, adding club soda instead of champagne sounds a punishment but truly has health benefits for the body.

7. Low Carb Negroni

Negroni Drink Athelio Com

Vermouth, a fortified wine used in negroni is beautiful and laced with flavor. But too much of anything can be a disaster. This drink can be jazzed up while going low on the vermouth and adding orange rings and stevia instead of sugar syrup. his provides a citrus unch o the already sophisticated drink.

8. Low Carb Old Fashion

Keto-Friendly Cocktails athelio

Winter means rum is in. And what is better than a fusion of Angostura bitters with a dash of whiskey. Make no big change to your favorite drink by just replacing sugar syrup with a few drops of liquid stevia. Adding some citrus rings will add the zing you need.

Make your holiday season a boozy one by giving a spaz to your life as well as staying fit.



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