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There is no shortage of hard work put in from our side in order to maintain an optimum body-mass index. We workout, follow Keto or Candida diets and even do our level best to keep to the best possible us. But our hormones can be beyond our control if we aren’t aware.

Our fitness regimes should not pause at all if the progress is slow but rise up through and through! We want to help you do exactly that, look beyond our normal routines and into the system. Hormones.

Hormones pay a vital role in gaining weight due to imbalance in itself. But such problems can be tackled if we know about them more. Let us get into the details

1. Excessive Testosterone

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For a male body, testosterone is quite vital for muscle formation and overall physical improvement. In a female body, a balanced amount of testosterone hormones is healthy. But excessive amount of testosterone can make a female body grow excess amount of hair, facial or bodily. Not only does excessive testosterone increase risks of acne but reduces the breast size.

In order to not have such problems and worse, irregular menstrual cycle, consume more whole grain such as brown rice and oats. Consume coffee as well on a regular as all these contain phyto-estrogen that lowers the testosterone levels.

2. Lower Amount of Glucagon

A proper balance of glucagon is required by the body at all times. While excessive can lead to stress-eating on a high, lowered amounts can have a drastic effect on your liver and kidneys.

In order to have a perfect balance, regularize proper eating habits, letting a good amount of gap between meals to have the hormone digest fat properly. Exercising regularly shall also increase this hormone in your blood.

3. Excessive Neuropeptide Y

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If you’re having problems regarding excessive weight gain and hunger pangs, both which cannot be controlled by you, the case can be of excessive neuropeptide-Y in the body. It is one of the biggest reason for clinical obesity that leads to fat storage in thighs, hips and lower back, giving a very uneven physique. That is not all, as mood swings and irritability are quite common with this hormone being in higher count.
Stay away from too much sugar or spice in your food habits as not only they grow hunger pangs but lowers your body’s health and increases chances o obesity

4. Serotonin Deficiency

Serotonin rush is something we call when we are overwhelmed and joyous, the lack of which can cause one to feel depressed and off. This can even lead to random hunger pangs at any time of the day, set off from mood swings or just cravings you cannot control.

Pineapples, cheese and nuts are a good source of serotonin and when paired up with daily workouts, can boost.

5. Excessive Prolactin

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For men, its pretty easy to understand the overflow of this hormone if their chests are lumpier and bigger without any muscles. For women, a rapid change in menstrual cycle and weight is the sign that this needs immediate medical attention.

Problems of tumor risk is high for all gender if Prolactin is high in the body. Take in prescribed amount of vitamin E as it reduces the prolactin levels in the body. This will help our balancing the overall health and decrease risks.

6. Adrenaline Deficiency

An adrenaline rush is common occurrence when you feel a rush of emotions throughout your mind and body. The best part of it is that it can increase your metabolism and help you lose the stubborn fat storage. Unfortunately, some of us can have a lack of adrenaline hormone in the body can be a loss for the increased metabolism.

In order to keep a balanced amount of adrenaline hormone in the body, reduce carbs intake. But if food habits cannot be changed with immediate effect, energy-rushed activities such as sports video games, a trip to an extreme joyride park or even skydiving can be put in the bucket list to feel the shake the body needs.

7. Excessive Gherlin

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This is an intriguing hormone in the body, swings as good as our moods. Excessive amounts of gherlin hormone in the system can encourage the body to store fat in the tissues. Even with a strict planned diet, it is a hard task to keep the hormone near-lowered

But we can overcome such impossibilities if tried harder. In order to go past it, fill the stomach with healthy fat and fibers to keep your stomach filled for longer. Proper sleep habits can keep the hormone levels lowered in the system as well.

8. Excessive Estrogen

Estrogen when exists too much in the system can increase your weight faster than anything. Their growth is encouraged by processed meat the most. Not just obesity but estrogen has its hands on the regular headaches and mood swings which have an effect on personal as well as professional life.

Veggies and fruits with fiber content can reduce the estrogen levels in the body, balancing out to how much is needed for everyone a their age and body weight.

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