Hair Style To Make Your Day

When you look at the mirror all you can think of would be WHY!?! Why does it have to be me always? Your hair can be a mess out of all things possible but it can never be ready for a single occasion that you want to attend.

Trust me when you spend all the night out with your friends(or even if you’re a lonely person watching all the seasons of River-dale on Netflix) you actually cannot guarantee the next day’s interview hair. Here is a small glossary you can go through to get that hot mess of your hair in a straight line.

1. Twirly Top knot:


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For an easy, not to do much day out you can always try the topknot. All you have to do is grab half of your hair and put a band over it. There you are, by leaving some strands at the back of your head and ready for the day out. You can also accessorize your hair if it’s some Getty occasion.

2. High Pony Tale:


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Getting all your hair out of face for the day’s torture? Well, nothing better that a high ponytail can work it. Getting all the hair to the top of your head and putting a band over it will keep them away without distracting you much.

3. Fishytail Braids:


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No doubts when it comes to second hair day. Nothing better can work than a double fishtail braid. Getting ready for an evening party with your college friends to getting those nostalgic school memories back, this is a great way to pull it out.

4. Half Up Half Down:


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Getting out for the summertime fun, going for a half up is the best option. It gives a déjà vu feeling all together. Picking some strands in the front and getting your bobby pins to get them in place will work wonders.

5. Ponies:


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Whenever in doubt and your alarm is eating your head off, get of the bed and pull your hair over a simple ponytail. They never go wrong. For me, they’ve always been my go to for most of the occasions. Giving a little volume to it will spice it up onto the next level.

6. Cornrows:


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While most people are unaware of the trending cornrows hairstyle, it has been a great idea for an edgy look. Whether you need it for a small family function to a grand ball that you have to attend to this hair style will never let you down!

7. Slicky Look

Slicky Look Athelio
Now if you don’t really want all those accessories eating up your head or you can’t reach out to them in the morning, then the next best option would be a slick back look. Literally see effort but a great way to keep your hair in order.

8. Low Bunny Bun:


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Running out of time is a problem that we all face once in a while. A low bun makes sure that even while running you look great. Or else you could just braid your hair then wind it around to get an effortless look in literally 2 minutes.


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