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Bones are extremely important component of our body. All your 206 bones acts like an anchor to keep the body perfectly stable. Protection of organs and the keeping nervous systems intact requires the bones to be stronger and healthy.

Have you ever wondered how you could lift heavy weights with weaker bones? Interestingly, foundation of bone strength is laid by the time we reach age 20. By the age of 30 your bones have achieved maximum amount of bone mass. If there is deficiency in bone mass by this age, you may end up having weak bones that could break easily.

So, here’s a list of nutrient rich foods that can help you develop strong bones and maintain them as you age:


1. Almonds

Almonds For Bones Athelio Com

Almonds, rich in vitamin E and manganese helps in stabilizing bone density. Almond butter is the quickest way for boosting the intake of calcium to make the bones stronger, while manganese helps in firmer bone structure. Potassium and protein present in abundance inside almonds, support a healthier anatomy and plays a role in building a solid frame. You can pop in 2-3 almonds at the start of the day or have almond milk with cereals as breakfast.

2. Oats and Cereals

Breakfast cereals such as oatmeal provides calcium, zinc and manganese and is one of the most nutritious breakfast of champions. The manganese present in cereals helps to absorb calcium and form collagen and connective tissues. Almond milk or dairy provides extra amount of calcium and manganese to the bones. Oatmeal bars or in breakfast after gym gives you the boost of nutrients and protein the body craves after a workout regime.

3. Cottage Cheese or Paneer

Cottage Cheese Athelio Com

Cottage cheese might not be everyone’s favorite, but if you want an iron and energy-rich meal after workouts, this is what will help buff up the bones. It is loaded with calcium mainly as a product of milk, that prevents weaker bones or osteoporosis. Did you know that the protein and calcium intake from cottage cheese aids in better and faster weight loss when paired with proper workout routines? Cottage cheese curry or grilled with vegetables serve as a delicious lunch dish.

4. Natural Fruit Juice

Vitamin C in fruit juices support collagen formation hence more rigid bone frame in the body. Juices can be mixed and blended for proper nutrition and that delicious fruity taste. Try honey, banana and strawberry for a thick, calcium and potassium-rich smoothie. Potassium increases mineral density in bones while calcium helps building a proper bone structure. Adding milk or almond milk to smoothies and fruit juices helps in absorbing the nutrients of the fruits quicker.

5. Milk

Milk And Yogurt Athelio Com

Think calcium, drink milk. It is a rich source of calcium and protein which is beneficial for overall health. Without milk, bones and muscles would be weaker from the lack of vitamin D, leading to joint aches and osteoporosis. Vitamin D and calcium are complimentary as vitamin D helps in calcium retention power of the bones, making them stronger to health adversities. It is also the best source of nutrients for kids who refuse greens and fruits. Add it to shakes, smoothies or just breakfast, milk goes well with any diet. Try almond milk if u follow vegan recipes or is just allergic to dairy.

6. Sardines

Fatty fish and omega-rich seafood has always been one of the best companions when it comes to fitness enthusiasts. Omega 3 fat is known to fight off arthritis chances while vitamin D and calcium do their usual task of strengthening bones. Phosphorous and minerals in sardines builds up the bone to be rigid. It has been observed that fresh water sardines are healthier. Grilled sardines or just salted slices on sushi, this small fish packs quite a punch.

7. Tofu

Tofu And Veggies Athelio Com

Tofu is a heavy source of calcium sulfate which helps in maintaining proper bone density. Its calcium content varies from brand to brand, so you might want to check how much your body requires and buy accordingly. Tofu is a perfect substitute to cottage cheese for people who follow vegan recipes. It can be incorporated in soup, as grilled or just stir fried with vegetables in olive oil.

8. Tomatoes

Lack of potassium leads to the bigger risk for osteoporosis. Let us try to omit the chances by proper potassium in take. Tomatoes can be infused into any meals, cooked or as salad, even in juices or as purees. Cherry tomatoes are rich in potassium content even when consumed a handful. You might like a fresh glass of tomatoes, carrots and ginger juice after a workout as it restores the drained energy and provides an adequate amount of nutrition body needs for a healthier bone structure.

Problems in bones such as arthritis and osteoporosis might occur from lack of fluid retention between bone joints. Consult a doctor immediately and ask for diet charts containing such ingredients for faster healing and nourishment.


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