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Hard work gives and takes away as well. A day with friends and ends to meet, rush hours and deadlines can be particularly exhausting. With instant energy boosting food products boasting on every shop shelves, one gets deceived to think that one bite will revamp their stamina up a 100. It is never late to turn to Mother Nature for nutrients-rich energy tidbits. Following are 8 options to choose from:

1. Water

Caffeine might stir one up from drowsy state but never to refreshed. Water is nature’s own energy drink that not only flushes out toxins but helps in digesting and regulating body fluids through sweating. In whole it helps in lubricating on a cellular level and helps the body to move things around inside. Water with lemon or oranges act as digestive cures and flush out contagious or poisonous contents from inside.

2. Oats

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Oats is the best morning kick starter as with its high fiber and minerals content, it takes slower to digest hence, keeping the stomach filled for longer. Antioxidants in oats are beneficial for warding off heart diseases while having other healthy properties that help reducing cholesterol and lowering blood sugar levels. Oats mixed with honey and milk provides sufficient nutrients for an early morning boost. Lactose intolerance is not an issue as oats can be found in whole grain/ multi-grain bread and granola bars which provide the same amount of energy.

3. Whole Wheat Bread and Nut Butter

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Peanut-butter and jam sandwich is every toddler’s favorite snack and why not. Jam might have sugar but vitamin B, zinc and iron from peanut butter and whole wheat bread make up for it as a healthy snack. Peanut butter is a good source of unsaturated fat. This sandwich contains nutrients that metabolizes it, turning it into energy that keeps the body and nervous system healthy. In case of peanut allergy, one can opt for soy butter.

4. Almonds

Almond is the most natural healthy snack one can start a day with. It contains healthy fats that helps with the heart. Almond is known to provide energy through calories so popping a few before hitting the gym would be helpful. This plant-based protein provider contains manganese, copper and phosphorous that aids in fast metabolism and producing energy in cells. It is suggested for moderate intake as protein content is quite high.

5. Quinoa

Albeit a new fad, quinoa is rich in protein and nine important amino acids. Riboflavin in quinoa helps in converting the food into energy while high amounts of fiber and carbohydrates keep the stomach filled for longer, hence a steady stamina booster. Iron in quinoa ensures the blood cells remain healthy and transports oxygen from cell to cell. The beans, rich in anti-oxidants helps preventing inflammation and provides sufficient energy.


6. Beans

Beans require slow digestion that helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels, thereby steadying the energy flow within the body. The rich amounts of fiber and protein takes sufficient time to break down hence stamina remains at an all time balanced throughout the day. Magnesium contains in beans helps the body to stay calm and preserve the energy. Pinto beans provide dietary fibers that aids in preserving the blood sugar levels thereby contributing stable and slow-burning energy.

7. Sardines

Sardines might sound like a sad option when all else fails but to err is human. Sardines are a popular fatty fish rich in omega 3 that fights of inflammation in the body. Unlike a steady rise of energy received from beans, sardines are swift energy boosters with Vitamin D and B12, notable in extracting energy from food. Sardines can be had in sushi rolls, salad or even pasta, if one feels adventurous enough to do so.


8. Dark Chocolate

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The name sounds luscious, heavy and full-bodied, not to forget the conversation is still on dark chocolate. Its energizing mind-boosting power from serotonin help in calming the body thereby restoring lost energy. Suggested twice a week, dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants that provides cell fortifying properties. To gain all these nutritive properties, its best not mixed with sugar for desserts. Instead, as per taste, the bitter (more cocoa content), the better.

Regarding allergies to any aforementioned products, one can discuss with a nutritionist before incorporating them into daily meals.

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