Migraines are the worst kindof pain there is. There is no cure for it, and plus it is accompanied by the symptoms like nausea, dizziness and sensitivity to light and sound. This pain is more heightened with the kindof food you eat. The cause of migraine is very different from what causes it but these foods might to responsible for the tingling in your head.


Well moderate levels can help you to relieve your headache, but being dependent on it will ask for more than the usual amounts to counter that pain. Since the amounts of caffeine varies widely with drinks and foods like chocolates, so it’s better than yu keep a check on your caffeine levels.

Aged meat and cheese

The nitrites and nitrates present in aged salmons and cheese are known to induce migraine. Not only, have these foods being salty also induced a level of dehydration in you.


Not the consumption of alcohol but the withdrawals of it, the very next day is what is associated with migraine. Amongst all the alcohols, red wine is the most associated with migraine pain mainly because of the sulfates added as preservatives added into it.

Monosodium glutamate or MSG

This neurotransmitter is known to trigger migraine attack. This ingredient is found in a number of Chinese foods, barbeque sauce and salad dressings.

Citrus foods

These acidic fruits can also cause gastric irritation and trigger your migraines. So try to avoid these or take in quantitative measures.


It’s not the eating but the cravings of the chocolate that can cause migraines. Your body might need some chocolate because of the caffeine and antioxidants that can treat some of the symptoms of migraine.

Spicy foods

Well basically chilli pepper is more responsible to trigger migraines than any other spicy foods. This generally happens as they react on certain pain receptors called TRP receptors in the brain that can lower the threshold of developing a migraine.

Foods and drinks containing aspartame

Diet sodas amongst all can lead to migraines however the reason for the same is not known.
You need to take of yourself before you get into any meal, and don’t just eat for the sake of taste but for its nutritional value too. So keep a check on what you eat and how often do you eat it.

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