8 Easy Ways To Reduce Double Chin 2

Men and women with sharp jawlines can make us weak to the knees. Our jawlines and chin define the shape of our faces the most. It is important to maintain a facial care routine to have the skin tight, toned and well-shaped.

8 Easy Ways To Reduce Double Chin

Due to work and life related stresses, we end up not giving much attention our facial needs. Just face wash and water splash does not lift up the skin. Proper facial exercises, healthy diet and natural face packs are helpful in order to not have double chins that deforms the shape of our faces. We shall be explaining the simplest hacks to reduce double chin :

1. Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat Germ Oil Massaging Athelio Com

Wheat germ oil provides a steady amount of collagen formation that maintains an even skin tone. With its rich source of fatty acids and vitamins A and E, wheat germ oil repair damaged cells and provides a healthy skin tone.

  • Taking a tablespoon of wheat germ oil, apply it on the chin and neck
  • Massage the oil in upwards direction from the neck towards the chin
  • Let the wheat-germ oil stay overnight
  • Wash it off with warm water after waking up
  • This regime can be done 2-3 times a week

2. Chew 0-Sugar Gums

Chewing Gum Athelio Com

The advantage of sugar-free gums is that, chewing it will require tougher bites and munches, helping the gum and face exercise with the movement. Also due to no sugar content, no sugar will be detrimental to health.  Make sure to use your entire mouth to chew, crunch it down, swirl it around the mouth, biting and chewing. Continue till the face feels tired.  This means that the exercise is taking effect.

3. Glycerin

Linoleic acid in glycerin oil provides a beautiful tight and elastic skin texture. As this oil is rich in omega 3 acids and anti-oxidants, the face remains moistured and supple.

  • Add 1/2 spoon of epsom salt and a few drops of peppermint oil to 2 tablespoons of glycerin
  • App this blend on under he chin and jawline
  • Let the fusion get absorbed by the skin
  • clean the area with cold water and dry it off

4. Egg-Whites Face Pack

Egg Whites Mask Athelio Com

The albumin and protein content in egg-whites provide an even tone and tightens the skin. Honey and milk makes the skin softer and healthier.

  • Take egg whites of two eggs and add in 1 tablespoon of milk
  • While stirring, add in peppermint oil and honey, 1 tablespoon each
  • Blend the mixture and apply it on the face, over and around the chin
  • Keep for about an hour and rinse it off

5. Eat Lots of Vitamin Rich Food

Oatmeal Athelio Com


Vitamin E is very essential for the skin’s health. It not only repairs tissues but tones the skin, giving a tight elastic finish to it. Vitamin E makes the skin look younger and healthier. Food ingredients such as oats, walnuts, olive oil and cucumbers are well-supplied with vitamin E, all of which can be consumed on a daily basis.

6. Cocoa Butter Face Pack

Cocoa Butter Athelio Com

Cocoa butter is mostly used in face packs to reduce wrinkles, lines and scars off the skin. It provides hydration to the skin as well as the fat in cocoa butter helps locking in the moisture, keeping the skin smooth and supple. This toning of the face helps reducing double chin or droopy jawlines.

  • Massage the face with luke-warm cocoa butter, giving more attention towards the chin
  • Let it cool down on the face and clean it thoroughly after 15 minutes
  • This procedure can be followed twice a day

7. Massage Face with Milk

Facial Massage Athelio Com

Milk has many health benefits, inside and out. On the skin, it makes the face soften, toned and glowing. If massaged onto the skin with honey, the blend, when massaged in circular motion upwards, provides an elasticity to the face, giving a young radiant look.

  • Contour the chin an jawline area with milk and honey blend
  • Massage the blend upwards, from the neck towards the chin, finally going to the jaw
  • This can be done twice in a day for alternate days

8. Drink Green Tea

Green Tea Athelio Com

Green tea has slimming effects on the body, as well as anti-aging results. It helps the skin look younger and healthier. Instead of sugar and milk tea, you can opt for green tea with a few drops of honey, twice a day. With the brimming number of flavors ranging from mint to lemon, green tea is delicious, refreshing and a healthy skin toner.

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