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Yoga maybe considered a natural splurge on self to strengthen your core and make the body flexible for a day ahead. Yoga, taught and learnt through years of practice, presently are broken into simple stances which can be attempted at any time of the day. A beginner’s guide to yoga is mandatory so the base postures are mastered before moving into advanced stages. Here are 7 poses for those willing to initiate a meditative routine.

1. Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose)

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This simple starting stance requires one to know planking and proceed from that formation. Chaturanga Dandasana helps in striking a balance among all the limbs on a plane. Prop wrists up and align your shoulders in front of your wrist. Push back and raise the lower body on the toes, making sure the heels and head are on the same plane. Begin to descend your body down without touching the floor. Bend the knees down, propping the upper body up with palms. Rest this position for a few seconds and revert slowly back to the initial stance.

2. Surya Namaskar (Modified Sun Salutation)

These stances are a conglomeration of many poses that free up the joints in initial stages. Surya Namaskar was predominantly attempted around dawn but with today’s workload, ease up the procedure like this:

3. Bramhasana (Reverse Tabletop Yoga)

Reverse tabletop yoga thwarts the stress created on the upper front body from driving, swimming or any forward facing action. Due to the balance being concentrated around the arms and chest, it helps build core strength around the arms, shoulder, chest, spine and abdomen. The process is to lift the entire body, face up, wrists raising the body to be on the same plane as the bent-knees. Reverse tabletop brings about improvement in balance and posture and can also be called ‘crab’

4. Ardha Uttasana (Halfway Lifting)

Ardha Uttasana is a torso and posture modifying exercise whose simple steps can be followed easily by learners. It also stimulates the fat around the stomach area.

Halfway Lifting Pose Athelio Com

While standing upright, bend the upper body forward and place finger-tips on either side of the feet. Pull your chest away from the thigh region while inhaling deeply, thereby extending the spine. Slowly bring the fingers over your feet to your ankles while widening the distance between the upper body and the thighs. Keep the position for as comfortable before exhaling and returning to standing to standing upright.


5. Adho Mukha Svansana (Downward Facing Dog)

The downward facing dog is a simple posture that has many benefits. It’s good to proceed with this yoga after halfway lifting as it doesn’t require any quick change of stance.

Downward Yoga strengthens the arms and the wrist. Process is to whilst propping on the palms, make sure the knees do not bend forward and the inner elbows are facing each other. This tones the biceps and prevents the wrist from contacting any aches later. Downward dog can improve the abdomen and waist areas and due to the head being lowered, improves the blood flow to the brain.

6. Banarasana (Lunge Pose Yoga)

Lunge Posture Yoga Athelio Com

Quite common and basic lunging exercise in classes, lunging concentrates on the gluteus muscles and helps in stretching the hip region. The process is to bend on say, left knee and extent the right leg backwards, till the knee touches the floor. Next, one should arch back the upper body, arms raised with palms folded together. Make sure not to keep the body loose so as not to have a waist strain. Lunge poses relieves one of back nerve pain(sciatica) and expands the chest and lungs. Be cautious to breathe uniformly in this stance.

7. Ardha Hanumanasana (Half Split)

Stretch your left leg forward, resting on heels, while the right knee rests on the floor. Stretch out your upper body by bending forward and bringing the hands closer to the left toe. Half splits concentrate on the abs, knees and overall flexibility. It loosens up the shoulder joints making them tensile. Here’s how to do it

I guess this list is simple enough to get you motivated to start your yoga sessions. You can subsequently add some advanced level yogas and asanas as you get better with time.

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