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If the day is a sour-punch, you can follow a few steps to boost your mood instantly! With the COVID19 lockdown, and various other reasons stressing out our minds, it is crucial to keep a calm head. 

Most importantly, bad mood and stress-factors have their hands in reducing our immune system. And right now, immunity is something we need to keep ourselves safe from the virus. 

So what can boost a bad mood? Let us find out today! 


Entertain Yourself

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When you indulge yourself in doing something you love, your mind diverts from stress factors. From here, it concentrates on helping you do something you enjoy. 

In the current WFH scenario, you might be working overtime that causes stress enough to plunge into depression. Depression and stress are both detrimental to our health. 

Instead, clock your work hours in a way that you have enough time to invest in a hobby you enjoy. You can always start by modifying how your room looks and even start knitting yourself something cute for the winters!


Opt for Incense 

Incensesticks Athelio boost your mood

Organically-scented incense sticks are now in demand. These can help de-stress your mind, lift your mood, and even help you feel calm and happy. 

For example, you can search online for charcoal-free incense sticks made from re-cycled temple florals. These flower-cycle processes of incense sticks are 0-waste, harmless, and are perfect for boosting your mood. 


Plant Your Favorite Trees


Trees can make you feel happy. Moreover, the benefits of planting trees around your home are many!

For starters, you are cutting off polluted air to breathe fresher every day. You shall also feel less anxious when sitting near greeneries. 

Additionally, fruits and flower-bearing trees possess beautiful scents that shall help your house feel more comfortable and attuned to nature. 


Reach Out to Your Friend

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2020 has been a challenge, especially if you planned to meet old friends this year. 

Missing them, alongside work and the pandemic stress, can be a mood-killer. However, nowadays, there are various ways to connect with them. 

You can call them up, send them cute emojis, or even send a video call! And if you both like video games, opt for a mutually-favorite video game to connect and meet online!

These are small steps that can boost your mood. So which one would you like to try today?

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