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Super foods are those foods which provide amazing benefits to a person as they are nutritionally dense and packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are not artificial or something difficult to find or some nutrition powders but interestingly we have been blessed with them as it is all naturally available.

Following is a list of super foods you should consume for its amazing benefits.


Blueberries Post 1 Athelio

Blueberries are called as the King of Anti-oxidants. This title is indeed very apt owing to the vitamins and minerals present in blueberries. Blueberries contain a group of compounds called as anthocyanins which have numerable benefits like prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. They help to prevent iron deficiency as Blue berries contain Vitamin C which enhances the absorption of iron.

They almost meet the 24 percent requirement of Vitamin C as per the recommended dietary allowance intake. So do consume blue berries. You can mix them with curd as a lovely source of probiotic which will even cleanse bloating like symptoms in your gut and destroy harmful bacteria in your gut system.


Yes indeed, Turmeric is really beneficial as they contain compounds called as curcuminoids and specifically curcumin which are anti-inflammatory in nature and helps combat free radical scavenging thus preventing various metabolic syndrome disorders. You can add turmeric in milk and consume it in the night as they have magical properties to prevent and cure cold and fever.


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Amla the tiny fruit being the favourite of all and loved by many fulfils the need of our daily requirement of 65 to 90 milligrams of Vitamin C just by consuming one tiny amla. Indeed it even competes with a huge watermelon in terms of its Vitamin C content.

Also it is loaded with other nutrients like B complex vitamins, Selenium and Magnesium. Did you know the secret of a long and strong hair? Just Protein? No! Along with it amla shows tremendous effects for a long and strong hair just like you view it in some hair shampoo advertisement.


Flaxseeds Post 1 Athelio

Flaxseeds a wonderful super food filled with fibre aids weight loss. It also destroys symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia and pernicious anaemia. You can have it plain or roasted. Sprinkle it on cut fruits to enhance the absorption of iron. You can even have it half an hour prior or later your main meals for amazing benefits as just a tablespoon of flaxseeds provides one with 7 grams of fibre.

Chia Seeds

Make chia seeds your best friend as it is loaded with ample amount of protein, fibre and also it is low in calories which will aid weight loss. They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which promote good heart health. You can mix it with flaxseeds in the evening and consume it along with cut fruits. It helps to raise the good fat level that is high density lipoprotein which removes cholesterol from the arteries and gives it to bile through digestion thus lowering your blood pressure and preventing a stroke.


Oats Athelio

Oats are a component of beta glutan and rich in soluble fibre which help to eradicate fatty streaks built up in the heart and thus prevent atherosclerosis. The best way to consume it is by making an oats smoothie by adding chia seeds and flaxseeds in it, a favourite fruit of your choice and some curd which is an essential probiotic! You can even have oats porridge in the morning which will lower the glycemic index and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Almonds and Walnuts

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We all have heard it since childhood that almond and walnuts boost the brain development. Yes indeed it is absolutely true. Almonds are a source of good fats which will raise your high density lipoprotein and decrease your bad cholesterol levels like very low density lipoprotein. According to various research studies almonds and walnuts are known to slow down the ageing of the brain cells thus very essential to develop ones cognitive development.

You can soak it or just consume one 6 almonds during your mid meals or in the evening. Even when you are just too busy in office you can consume them or even roasted horse gram is another healthier choice!

Hope you loved reading the article on 7 super foods That Can Save Your Life.


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