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Shortcuts, we all love them. The more to learn, the better. But there are no shortcuts to making decisions for health. Our activities and food habits should be impeccable if fitness is the agenda.

In order to keep our system healthy, eating fresh daily is vital as some food can either lose their nutrition or be injurious to our health if reheated or not chilled.

Here are 7 food ingredients one ought to look out for in this scenario:

1. Mushrooms

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Mushroom is an added flavor to any dish and a rich source of protein for vegetarians. One time consumption of a mushroom dish is safe but leftovers should not be kept. This is because the enzymes and microorganisms can break down the protein when re-heated. This process not only changes the taste of the food but gives out toxins into the dish, which is harmful for the stomach and he digestive system. Constantly re-heating mushroom infused dish is known to cause heart diseases.

2. Chicken

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It is better not to re-heat chicken or eggs in micro-ovens. his is because this appliance is unable to heat or cook full portions of chicken. If chicken is not heated or cooked inside and out, it might not be edible at all. In case heating is still required, remember to turn the sides after few minutes to let it cook through. But we should keep in mind that the rich and dense protein content can break down when reheated, causing stomach upset and digestive problems.

3. Leafy Vegetables and Spinach

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Spinach and other green leafy are abundant in nitrates which provide a delicious taste to food such as soups and grilled vegetables. Nitrate is harmless in nature, but not when it is converted to nitrite upon re-heating. Nitrite itself is poisonous in nature. This is fatal to be consumed. Therefore, celery, carrots and beef should not ever be re-heated in order to keep he food safe for consumption.

4. Eggs

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Not re-heating eggs is of he same reason that goes for chicken. Eggs is one good ingredient that can be eaten in many ways. Be it poached or half-boiled. It is considered one of the most healthy item in a diet thanks to its high protein content, reason why eggs are mandatory for body-building. But similar to the protein content in chicken, it breaks down the rich proteins to depreciating the nutrients content in the egg. Since there is just toxic content and 0 health benefits to a re-heated egg dish, it is almost undermining for consumption

5. Rice

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Cooked rice is always best to eat freshly out of the cooker. Any other way is dangerous to the system. This is because if cooked rice is kept to cool off in room temperature, bacterial spores occur in the food, ingesting which might cause one to vomit or even face diarrhea, to the most, food poisoning. Hence we should keep in mind to refrigerate excess rice  and reheat later is needed to consume. Re-heating cold rice does no harm to the body.

6. Potato

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Similar to rice, re-heating the potato is not the problem but improper storage system is. If cooked potatoes are kept in room temperature or foiled to cut excess oxygen, it might lead to production of a bacterium known as botulism that can lead to muscle paralysis. Re-heating unfortunately does not kill off the bacteria, so cooling them at optimum low temperature is the best option.

7. Oils

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Oils of fruits, nuts or even seeds are not the best to be reheated. This is because used oil can have a distinctively unpleasant smell that is also transported to the food. You can always check if the oil in the kitchen container is fresh or not depending upon if they are blackened or not. No to forget, cooking in re-heated oil also leads to increase in cholesterol content thereby risking a heart disease.

It is important to know which fruits, meat and vegetables are suitable for your consumption. Everyone’s immunity system and allergies can vary. Be sure to be aware of the nutrients each ingredient consumed, provide.

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