How To Redue Inner Thigh Athelio Com

What defines our curves, the perfect slants on the body of course. One bulged out portion of our bodies might throw away such perfection out of the window. Surely we wouldn’t let such a puny problem take course.

Thighs provide support to the upper body, a cushion of sort for the torso and the stomach to balance on. The weight and posture of a person is integral in understanding how much weight is required in individual parts of the body in order to not cause cramps. We must remember that at all times, health comes before targeting for thicker thighs or thigh gaps.

Here are a few workout’s to improve the muscle mass and shed excess weight off our inner thighs¬† :

1. Jumping Jacks while Planking

Planking Jacks Athelo Com

  • lower your body down to planking position, keeping spine parallel to the floor
  • raise your upper body with your arms
  • Keeping perfect balance and jump to make legs apart o the sides
  • bring back legs in position with a jump and repeat
  • Try 10 counts for 3 reps

2. Sumo Squats

  • Widen your feet distance by 6 inches apart from each sides of the body point out
  • Bend body down in squatting stance while keeping the back and chest straight
  • bring the yourself up and repeat for 10-15 counts for 3 reps

3. Slide Lunge Exercise

Slide Lunge Exercises Athelio Com

  • Stand straight with chest and back upright
  • Fold your palms together in a ball
  • Keeping the weight of the body over left foot, lunge down and slide the right foot out
  • Bring the right foot back in while raising up the body back
  • Repeat process in the alternatively for 10 times in 3 reps

4. Leg Raise with a Gym Exercise Ball

  • Put a medium sized exercise ball between your feet
  • Lie on your back over a mat keeping legs straight
  • With the ball held, raise the legs straight up while squeezing the ball
  • Bring legs down and repeat the process for 10 counts in 3 reps

5. Kettle-Bell Swing Exercises

Kettle Bell Athelio Com

  • Hold a kettle-bell with both hand and bend body in the squat position
  • Make sure to keep feet at length away from the shoulders
  • Back and the chest should be held straight
  • With the help of push from the buttocks and arms, swing the kettle-bell up till it levels with the eyes
  • Swing back down while returning to squatting position
  • Repeat this fr 15 times in 10 reps

6. Mountain Climbers

  • Bring yourself to planking position and lift upper body up to rest on your palms
  • Pull one knee bending towards the chest and repeat the process alternatively with the other leg
  • Make sure to pull your legs up with friction from the ground around the feet
  • Continue for 10 counts in 3 reps each

7. Scissor Kicks

  • Lie on your back and keep the abdomen tight
  • Raise both legs till they are about few inches above the ground and part them on each side
  • Bring them back in and repeat process for 15 times in 3 reps

While obesity is a strong cause for flabby areas on the body where it should be muscular, whole body workout prevents dis-balance in weight all over and keeps you fit.

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