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The daily lives of busy-bees have fallen under robotic schedules where finding time to satisfy hunger is a luxury. One either curbs off meal schedules for the sake of meeting work-time preferences, or take in stress-induced, nutrients-poor junk meals more often than required.

Controlling hunger does not encourage starving at the very least but promotes a balanced chart for enlighten self on what portion and timing of meals meet one’s body and conditions. It is to be remembered that a single chart does not always blend with different kind of requirements as everyone has varying levels of hunger, allergies, health conditions and financial strata to be able to afford just one type of nutritional scheme.

Why Control Food Intake

Portion-controlling develops a healthier pattern where food intake scales better with calories absorption. Stress can lead either to a lack of hunger or uncontrolled devouring of any snack that comes in sight. Controlling is integral in shedding unnecessary pounds that lead to ailments such as obesity, heart diseases and hypertension.

Keeping a check on food intake also fortifies the will to watch what goes into the body and increases an urge for better and nutritional diet changes.

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Emotional Hunger

Emotional hunger does not result from a need for food.  It is rather a small passing phase born out of anxiety, stress or plain boredom. An emotional hunger does not crave nutrients. Instead it seeks for high sugar or salt based food which satisfies the mood rather than relieving it. Sometimes, the yearning for a snack comes out of boredom or an excuse for distraction. Although, keeping the stomach empty when one feels an appetite might not be a good choice. Hence a few steps for controlling untimely cravings are listed below:

Breakfast- As the most important meal of the day, breakfast should be the heaviest course. The name equates to breaking the last 8 hours of fast. It refuel the mind and body after a refreshing sleep. Portions of a breakfast should be filling so that the satisfaction of consumption remains for longer hours. It is advised to eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. This meal provides important nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamin B, missing which would less likely to not be compensated while gorging on fast food.

Tea and Coffee- Both coffee and tea should be had in a day with moderation as excessive caffeine intake can lead to anxiety. But balancing green tea or black coffee is essential for curbing hunger as they repress the pangs from occurring too often. Both have enough health benefits such as reducing the chance of cardio-vascular diseases and keeping diabetes in check. 3 cups a day, an hour after meals is most essential for keeping a balanced meal plan. While green tea cleanses the body off toxins, black coffee improves secretion of insulin.

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Small Portions Every 2-3 Hours- Mini snacks can keep the hunger in check and does not force the body to overeat meals or take calorie-rich food to satisfy. It is better to ingest healthy tidbits rather than not responding to pangs as this might lead to increase in gas inside the stomach thereby bloating the body.

One small snack such as an apple, protein-bar and slices of carrots or cucumber fills the stomach with acceptable nutrients. Eating between maximum 3 hours of meals balances the need for nibbles and does not fill the stomach before proper meals, but just keeps check for gas.

Resist Junk- It has been proven that ditching junk food slowly diminishes the need for it as it nothing but a cheap tactic by the companies to make one feel that junk food is important as a daily intake due to its taste and sugar or salt content. Not only does it leads to uncontrollable cravings but also causes kidney or liver damage.

Unlike nutritional meals, junk food take away the immunity power of the body to prevent diseases and the fatty acids makes one combat higher chances of obesity.

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Avoid Excess Salt- Excess salt intake can increase blood-pressure rate and cardiovascular disease. Too much salt can also lead to edema where the more amount of salt, more water retains into the body leading it to bloat.

One might not be able to cancel salt off the meals altogether but can opt for low sodium salt available everywhere, It is not only a safer option for ingestion but also does not cause a craving for sweets after consumption, leading to overeating.

Swap Milk Chocolate with Dark- Milk chocolate has immoderate amounts of sugar that is unhealthy for the body. Albeit undeniable, milk chocolate has fattening properties and less of cocoa which is rich in antioxidants.

Dark chocolate on the other hand, improves heart health through flavonol which improves blood flow by making the platelets clot-free. It helps in maintaining a normal cholesterol profile and wards of cancer.

Water-a-Plenty- Water helps not only in digestion but fills the stomach in place of random cravings. 1-2 glasses of water before meals or snacks can reduce the hunger thus preventing one from overeating.  Water has no negative effects on body and keeps the system hydrated and filled, away from any random need of a snack.

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