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Yoga is the best way to stay fit and healthy. Unlike gyming, yoga affects every part of your body. It is a  holistic way to stay healthy. One normally attempts yoga after seeing the affect it has on the body’s flexibility. But, that is a long road ahead.

Every beginner must know that there is a pace and a level of yoga techniques, skipping one would be harmful for the body and might cause extensive injuries. Yoga poses must be done under a professional instructor. Before starting your first class remember to carry a mat and wear loose fitting garments for your own comfort. Here are the six basic poses everyone can try at home.

1. Mountain Pose(Tadasana)

This a foundation pose for every beginner to strengthen their body balance. It is helps in proper body alignment. It seems easy for the starting week of yoga. Stand tall with feet and arms together on the side. Take a deep, put your arms up over the head. The palms should be facing each other. Exhale and loosen the shoulders and come back to the standing position

2. Child’s Pose(Balasana)

This pose is simple in its design and is best way to soothe the nervous system. If you are tired and in need for a breather,m this your go to pose. Begin by kneeling down and tucking your toes.  The buttocks should be lowered towards the feet as you stretch the upper body. Extend your arms forward, making sure the stomach is at rest with the thighs and the forehead is touching the yoga mat

3. Warrior Pose 2(Virbhadraasana)

The warrior poses constitutes of several poses. This pose especially increases the strength of your upper body parts such as chest, hands, stomachs. As you go further in the momentum of this pose, you will find in crease in your level of concentration and body balance, which the main components to learn in yoga.  It also increases the flexibility. Start with keeping your right foot out at 90 degree and the left foot slightly inside. Relax your shoulders and put your hands on the hips. Slowly raise your arms  with the arms facing downward. Bend your right knee at 90 degrees and look at the right hand. Hold this pose for a minute and slowly switch sides.

4. Tree Pose(Vrikshasana)

The standing tree position is excellent for body balance. It increases the upper body strength tremendously. It also helps to stay rooted like the trees in one place and retain focus and concentration. Stand tall with feet and arms together on the sides. Put your body weight one the left leg, and slowly raise the right leg and put it in the left thigh. Once you find balance, bring your hands closer to chest in a prayer position. As you inhale, slowly extend your arms over the shoulders with the palms facing each other.

5. Bridge Pose(Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

This yoga pose is great for flexibility. Women who have belly and thigh fat, must do this pose everyday possible. It helps to reduce the fat in those regions and increase blood circulation which is important during periods. lie flat on your back on the floor with arms on each side and slowly bend the knees over the heels. Take a deep breath and exhale. As you  exhale try pressing your feet on the floor to lift up your hips. Clasping your hands slowly on the lower back try to lift the hips in parallel alignment with the floor. Hold the pose for a minute.

6. Cobra Pose(Bhujangasana)

The snake is flexible, the pose also helps you in that region. It helps to keep your posture in a good shape. It is great for strength endurance. This pose helps in toning up the stomach and the glutes and maintain body balance. Lie with you face on the floor with the legs extended, keeping the thumbs directly under the shoulders. Tuck your hips and and tighten your pelvis. Putting pressure on the thumbs and fingers try to rise up.

PS: Yoga has been the healthiest way to shape the body. But it has its own pace, before trying out the hard levels, one must try with basic poses. Yoga poses must be done under a professional instructor.

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