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Craving is the most human thing to occur in our daily lives. Pizzas, burgers and chips advertisements flock our minds and sights all around from ads on TV and flyers being handed outside malls.

There is no escape. But there is control. We have the control to moderate our junk food intake, Craving isn’t legit hunger, Its the need to eat something because we want to. There is no need to, it is what gluttony teaches us. In order to reach the fitness goals, we need to know the ways to curb food cravings.

Here are 6 ways to Reduce Food Cravings:

1. Drink Adequate Water

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Lack of water in the system can blanket itself in the form of hunger, making us eat untimely unhealthy snacks. Drinking a glass of water before a meal reduces the need to overeat and hunger by a considerable amount. A healthy meal needs to be filled with nutritious ingredients that deserve to be eaten than to crave a deep fried dish. Hence drinking water cures dehydration and junk food craving at the same tie

2. Consume More Protein

Eating more protein is good for the muscles and lifting work outs. But did you know that due its ability to be digested slower than other ingredients, it keeps us filled for longer, thereby cancelling out the possibilities of food cravings. To ensure more protein in your meal, have lentin, eggs and meat on a regular so there is no room for junk food.

3. Avoid Over-Hunger

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Keeping ourselves starving for too long can lead to eating more than the system needs. In case of crash diets, keeping hungry is a fad till one cannot control any more. Proper meal planning is of utmost importance as it ensures the body receives the perfect amount of nourishment from each meal. Also, eating small healthy snacks like fruits or nuts in-between meals also reduces the need of fried foods.

4. Sleep it Off

A tired body would constantly require to be replenished with energy. Sometimes due to our lack of proper sleep patterns, we might have a lopsided meal pattern that does not nourish us well. A tired person would want to regain energy through some means, hence opt for a quick and unhealthy snack such as cheese puffs or chips. In order to reduce the craving, going to sleep on time and an adequate 6-8 hours of sleep is of utmost importance.

5. Control Your Stress

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Stress prods the mind to crave food. The amount of chaos in the minds needs a diversion which comes in the form of yearning for some munchies. At this time, we tend to eat anything and everything to close proximity. Stress cannot be completely reduced. But can be relieved through certain activities. Try listening to music or go for work outs. Speaking to friends or socializing also provides ample amount of stress busters that doesn’t need food to cure it.

6. Imagine the Worst effect of Junk

Our minds warps our habits according to what we do the most, If you tend to live on junk foods and aerated drinks, the body will be accustomed to its intake and provide the negative results on the immunity and health continuously. The trick is to imagine how the body might look or feel if we constantly ingest deep fried and salty fat increasing food. That warning itself is enough to brace ourselves to be stronger against the longing for the burgers and fried rice being sold around us.

Cravings can also be reduced through proper diet schedules and work out. Best is to consult a dietitian for understanding how your body works and what nutrients it needs the most. Know your system and self care will be an easy-breezy path.

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