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Daily Gym routines, after being thoroughly memorized can get a little mundane. Not to mention, your body gets used to the exercises and stops responding in terms of growth. Let’s get out of the comfort zone and remember the how it all started. Every song needs a remix, Then why not our fitness routines? Blending 2 workouts challenges the body to new limits and change the tempo of the routines.

Following are few arrangements you might wanna try out:

1. Planking Made Fun

Alternative Planking Athelio Com

Planking can be way too boring. No movement and just one position? Aargh, let’s try crunches while planking. Raise body on your hands and do alternative leg bending towards stomach. Abs workout, done right. Lifting can also be incorporated into this by balancing body on one hand, and working on a dumb-bell with the other, alternatively. It decreases the chances of straining and improves balance.

2. Try Supersets

Lifting Weight Athelio Com

If you are already doing intermediate level workouts, you got to know about supersets. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it is a mix of 2 exercises. You can either combine two exercises focusing on opposing muscles like one for biceps followed by triceps or two exercises focusing on same muscle like bench press followed by push-ups. Try to limit the number of reps in your first exercise so that you don’t exhaust before the next one.

3. Alternative Lifts

Lifting weights with both the hands could be a lot on both the arms. Things can get pretty boring with the number of reps. If we talk about dumbbell curl for biceps, alternate dumb-bells lifting or single hand biceps workout can re-energize muscles in the small gap between lifting, thereby making you put more and better efforts into lifting than progressively slower and poorer lifts.

4. Modified Calf Raises

Calf raises is the easiest exercise on a strenuous leg day. With your usual calf raises, let’s try moving the legs a little more. While raising the toes, rotate one foot in clockwise and the other, in anti clock wise direction. Make sure to hold something in front for the first time to prevent yourself from falling.

5. Get More Out of Treadmill

Tradmill Running Athelio Com

Give those hamstrings some rest and work on the other upper thigh muscles. Getting bored with one directional movement? Slow down the treadmill and walk on reverse, your back facing the machine. To add more quirk, walk sideways on a slower speed to calm down the muscles and bring back a stability on the speed.

6. Bring in More Variety

Cycling Woman Athelio Com

Try to vary speed, weight and intensity of your workouts. For instance on chest days, you can try switching to all-dumbbell exercises like replacing bench press with flat bench dumbbell raises and inclined bench press with inclined bench dumbbell raises. Similarly, you can keep on changing the intensity, incline, speed and interval length on treadmill for better results.

You can also change circuits by involving different machines for specific muscle workout. One way could be to perform your exercises in backward manner. In this way more pressure is put on the muscles that are used generally at the later stage of your workouts.

These small changes, breaks the monotonicity of schedule and stimulates your muscles for better growth. Give your best at your workouts. Remember, no days off, pays off.

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