6 Stretches To Help You Handling The Pain

We sit at our desks or on our phones for hours, not counting the countless hours that go by in the same position. It only occurs to you when rising up from the chair makes the body shrink back, neck and back stiffening.

These symptoms are not good for our ages, with bodies and mind raging with new ideas and goals. We need our bodies to be more flexible, stronger and healthier. Stretching helps in revving up the blood circulation that cannot be as smooth when we sit around for longer hours. It also aids in loosening up he muscles and nerves, which would normally cause strains and muscle pull.

Here are a few stretching exercises that will help the reduction of such problems :

1. Neck Rotation

Neck stiffness is common when we slouch down on our phones or have a bad posture problem.

  • Look straight and slowly turn your head to the right
  • Make sure to put a little pressure on the neck to have the muscles pull and loosen up
  • turn your head at front and continue the same on the same
  • Continue for 10 counts or till the neck feels more loosens

2. Neck-Tilting

  • Use your left hand to hold the right end of your forehead
  • Pull the head slowly towards the left side, letting the the right neck stretch out
  • Let the left hand down and stretch out the left neck with the help of the help of the right arm
  • Try 5 counts on each side

3. Hyper-extension

  • Sit on a chair that can bend back
  • Stretch your hands out at the back and bend back
  • Do not bend back too much as you might fall off, injuring yourself
  • Lift up the shoulders, stretching out the arms to unhinge the elbows

4. Back-Stretching

  • Take the left hand at your back, arm bending near waist and palms facing up
  • Lift your right arm above and bend down behind your neck
  • Try to stretch up the left arm and stretch the right arm down, trying to make both meet

5. Hip Flexor

  • Lie on a back with the legs stretched out
  • Bring the left leg towards the chest, bending the chest
  • Hold the bent leg close to the chest, holding the lower thigh with your hands
  • Let it stretch out and do the same with the other leg
  • Try for 5 stretch up each leg

6. Leg Extension

  • Lie on your back with legs bent up
  • Raise a leg towards the ceiling, stretching up the knee joint
  • Hold the leg up as long possible, bring it down and raise the alternate leg
  • Try 5 raises on each leg


Stretching our will help you re-energize the body and assure better blood flow throughout the body.

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