Aren’t you the one who can anytime fantasise about that juicy Grand Mac burger or those chicken strips with side dips? Well, I just explained my cravings instead. However, all of us are well aware about how unhealthy these fast foods could be. Still, what if I tell you that you can turn fast foods into a healthy meal just by making small changes. Sounds great, right? Follow these steps and prevent yourself from any regret of wrecking your diet.

Go for grilled than fried chicken

Obviously, you’ll be tempted to go for the fried one because that’s more delicious but believe it or not, it adds an extra 80 calories and 8g of fat. Now I’m not saying you to go for a salad every time but then you can choose wiser too.

A big no to toppings

Now you’re having a salad with multiple layers of toppings. You’re just satisfying your mind of eating healthy where instead you are actually consuming loads of fat, sugar, salt and calories. So don’t satisfy your taste buds in the name of salad instead avoid these toppings.

Skip the creamy salad dressing

Well salad dressing is not a very good options when it comes to eating healthy. And if you seriously need your salad dressed, go for vinaigrette dressing than a creamy one.

Avoid milkshakes as a gourmet drink


A medium glass milkshake contains around 900 calories with a whopping 24g fat. And you think you’re drinking healthy. Instead choose gourmet coffee drinks like cappuccino which a 510 calories and a 18g fat only. If you’re seriously craving a sweet go for kids vanilla cone which has only 170 calories.

Never go for the small treats like a muffin

You might get confused with its small size but a single muffin contains 400 calories. Bummer, I know. Even if you crave for a muffin split it in half or go for yoghurt which has only 140 calories. It will keep your sweet tooth satisfied and its healthy too with additional options like calcium, magnesium and gut friendly bacteria.

Grocery shops are best fast food centers

You can cook a healthy meal with all the unhealthy ingredients too. After all it’s cooked in your kitchen. So instead of driving through a fast food chain, go to the grocery and buy some healthy stuff or order your grocery online wisely. Well, I know it’s a lot of pain but it’s all beacuse of your cravings. I know it’s difficult to go and say no to such meal but there is no easy road to fitness. Is there?

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