You are having a hard day, low on energy, physical and muscular strength, suffering from stomach ailments and god those headaches! You think that’s normal and start taking pills. But surely they don’t help in easing the situation. Do you know that these could be the warning signs from your body that it is surrounded by a lot of toxins? These warnings could be any of these:

Consistent tiredness and fatigue  

Housewife woman in a couch with headache and a hand on forehead

You’re not able to sleep properly and not feeling energetic throughout the day.

Sudden weight gain

You’ve all in a wink gained a lot of weight and even when you’re hitting the gym daily, you’re finding it difficult to shed those pounds.

Irregular bowel movements

Although the normal mechanism of intestines gets rid of harmful toxins but you are storing them in your body and suffering from constipation.

Unpleasant breath

You’re brushing, rinsing and chewing gums but none of them is helping.

Constant ache and pain in your joints

You easily get tired of your daily work routine and end up being all day in bed due to those pain and aches in your muscles.

Easy acne

Your body suffers easy skin reactions due to toxins that leave their mark. Puffy eyes and eczema are signs that your body is overloaded with toxins.

You need to identify these signs and flush these toxins out. Here are few tips that can help you get rid of them:

Stop processed and gluten containing food, immediately

You have to get rid of the junk you eat. The processed form of wheat – gluten and your racks of chips, biscuits etc is what you have empty now.

Drink a cup of detox tea daily

The natural ones being neem, goldenseal and dandelion are best detox drinks for you. Even turmeric works wonders to flush out toxins from your system.

Lemon and apple cider vinegar

A daily drink comprising of lemon, cayenne and water spiced up with apple cider vinegar is what you need first thing in the morning to get your sleepy metabolism on track. You can easily find a bottle of this at your neighbourhood store.

Stop consuming processed sugars

This might sound tough but sugars works like plague on your system. They elevate your blood sugar levels leading to diabetes.

Sweat a lot

Steam rooms, sauna baths, power yoga will eliminate 20% of toxins from your system.

A healthy diet

A meal rich in fruits and vegetables is what you need to cleanse yourself. They will transfer out toxins from your organs to your intestines which are then eliminated easily.

Replace your sluggish and sedentary lifestyle with exercise

Adopt an active lifestyle which involves walking and climbing stairs. Simple exercises like brisk walking, running, cycling or even yoga will activate your heart and brain and oxygenated blood will nourish your cells with fresh blood and oxygen getting rid of the toxins.

Even before you consult a doctor to understand the root cause of your problems, you can interpret your body’s demand and signals it sends out to you. Start your renovation with you.

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