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For most of us, the nightly routine includes brushing our teeth and combing out the hair. And vocational whole night face-packs if we feel luxurious.

But what puts us to sleep, certain things like phone and loud music definitely aren’t on this list. The opposites, however, can have us doze right off.

In such cases, few things to keep in mind and work on before hitting the hay might prove amazing.

1. Post in Your Diary

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This is not just for the teen souls. Venting your heart out through writings help clear the mind and lets you be at peace. Also, remembering small details from throughout the day can be a small exercise for the brain. Be sure to start with 1 page and continue if you’re into the idea.

2. Keep Phones and Any Screens at Bay

Yes falling asleep to watching TV is a good memory but our minds after adulthood have tonnes of thoughts, chores, and worries which require rest. They can be drowned out by the screen but not put to rest. In addition to that, a bright screen in front of your eyes can destroy your sleep completely. Instead, keep away the screen from the bed an hour before sleep.

3. Darken Your Views

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Walking into a dimly lit room can simply make us yawn by a second. Using this technique in the bed room is a great idea. A low lit lamp away from the bed helps to feel comfortable and snug in bed. In case of dorms where rooms are to be shared, use an eye mask to keep your sleep undisturbed even if your room-mates lighting choices are bright .

4. Pre-sleep Beauty Routine

Clearing up yourself feels refreshing and soothing before bed. A half an hour pamper with scrubbing, toning and face and neck. Many soothing face masks that cools and refreshes are skin are available in the market. A routine of cleaning and moisturization helps feeling fresh and dewy to get to bed feeling sparkly clean.

5. Drink a Cup of Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile tea has relaxant – enducing properties which helps the body relax and feel comfy. Green tea helps to aid faster digestion and in removing excess fat from the body.

6. Try Yoga Poses

Yoga poses specifically designed to help you fall asleep are great to try out before bed time. These loosen up your muscles and unwind your nerves and stress points, helping you feel relaxed and calm.

These few heads-up can put you right to snugly sleep in no time.

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