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Do-it-yourself refers to understanding the components of what you create. Cleansing the body, inside and out, requires knowledge of compounds that can compliment the different skin types, allergies and immunity of each individual. DIY beauty secrets range from all around the world with regional exotic elements infused for luxurious yet fruitful concoction. Let me start the list for you.

1. Wine infused Oats Mask from Argentina

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Red wine has various properties (via consumption) ranging from building better bones to boosting immunity. One would be surprised to learn it to be a vital ingredient for face masks. Resveratol in wine acts as an anti aging-agent, toning the skin and preventing loss of collagen. Oats on the other hand, boosts the wine’s ability to clear pores, prevent acne’s and overall tackle excessively oily skin and cools the irritations. Recipe for the mixture includes honey, yogurt, aforementioned components. The mask can be kept for 10-15 mins before washing off in cold water.

2. Haldi or Turmeric Mask from India

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Turmeric is overwhelmingly beneficial for the body where any skin or immunity related problems can be eradicated through any preparation. With its anti-inflammatory properties it slows down cell decay or sagging but can leave a lasting yellow smudge on skin. The presence of anti-oxidants firms the skin similar to red wine and can cure acne or blemishes with continued usage. Turmeric paste fuses well with the moisturizing effect of honey and yogurt which acts as a natural coolant. The process can be used 2-3 days a week to have a glowing complexion.

3. Coffee or Cellulite Scrub from Columbia

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Coffee is a pocket friendly ingredient to fill the stomach and the pores. It has absorbing capabilities which tightens the pores from sagging. Scrubbing is to scrape off dead cells hence coffee can be ground and mixed it with brown sugar which elevates the exfoliating properties of the fine grounded coffee. Since it can soak in water, a dash of coconut oil to retain the moisture is well required for the mask. It is suggested not to use the mask too often as new cell regeneration takes 48+ hours.

4. Clove Scrub from Zanzibar

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Clove has a flavorful aura which acts as a natural scent for the body for people of Zanzibar. In its oil form, it is used to soothe pains and activate muscles Clove in its ground form can act as a powerful exfoliating scrub which pulls off much of dry skin and peels off dark spots and acne, giving back the natural dewy skin tone. Coarse ingredients like coffee or clove almost always require a moisturizing agent such as coconut oil. The roughness of powdered clove in paste form can be tackled by adding rose water for its anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Rhassoul Clay from Morocco

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Rhassoul clay is predominantly used in luxury spas for both skin and hair. Also known as Red or Ghassoul Clay, it can be discovered under specific mountain ranges such as the Atlas. With a rich content of minerals, it can nourish the skin to reduce breakouts. Rhassoul clay can be incorporated into a mask by mixing it with rose water or can even be used as a body scrub with a dash of oats and apple cider vinegar. It is a staple ingredient for Moroccan beauty product and is commonly found in their soaps and shampoos.

6. Japan’s Matcha Powder Hair mask

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Matcha tea is one of the most consumed ingredient around Japan, lately a fad in Western culture. This medicated ingredient fights of free radicals that cause premature graying of hair, promotes constant hair growth, decreases dandruff while increasing blood circulation in the scalp. The process is to add egg to matcha tea along with soft coconut oil and honey and blend it till smooth. Add lavender oil to prevent lumps. Apply on intersections of scalp, to be washed off after 15 mins. The honey and oil softens the hair while the matcha tea thoroughly scrapes off any impurities.

Although we suggest to rely on organic natural product for your health but its always good to consult your dermatologist first before trying any of the above recipes. You can also buy any of the certified product from here.

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