6 Makeup Tricks To Transition From Day To Night Athelio

Ladies! Here’s what you need the most! Make up! I bet there wont even be a single girl, who would after puberty, not even apply eyeliner. To be honest even though I don’t do much of a makeup, I definitely put on eyeliner at the least to look presentable every time I go out. It also becomes hard when the makeup you apply during the morning (for job or some other program) does not stay out till the evening. Especially when you have a program (DATE!!) and you don’t have enough time to redo it. Here are 6 tricks that could save your time making you more beautiful.

1. Layer those Eye-shadow:

Don’t have time to remove those eyeshadow that you are already wearing? Don’t worry just layer them! If you’re wearing a shimmer eyeshadow top it with a matte layer or vice versa. It is seen that it would blend easily and giving you a flawless look altogether. Also shimmer on shimmer would be a lot of bling which wont go much with an evening date.

2. Stack up on the lipstick:

If you’ve already put on a dark color lipstick, then sorry ladies! Start from scratch. Or else just put on a layer of non waxy lip balm or moisturizer then add any color lipstick to match your outfit. Non waxy lip balm makes your lips put together. For an evening date matte would be a great option rather than a glossy or shimmer one.

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3. Foundation touch-up:

When transitioning from a morning to evening look you definitely need to note that DO NOT APPLY product on the same makeup. After all, the foundation tends to separate or run. Which you only worsen the conditions. Hence take a powder brush and buff your skin in a slight circular motion to get rid of any issues. Add a finishing spray to avoid making it look cakey.

4. Blush:

After the foundation touch-up you would definitely want to redo your blush. Here’s a small piece of advice always keep your favorite blush in your makeup bag. A nice rose colour would work great on all skin tones for an evening outing.

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5. More mascara:

Two types of mascara can be applied, one to lengthen and the other one that thickens. In the morning apply the one that volumizes whereas when you’re about to go out apply the one that lengthens and stroke upward to give a fake lash effect.

6. Pile on lashes:

If you’re already wearing false lashes and wish to get the game on and high, here’s a tip to get on the lashes game strong. layer them up! This is called “piling up” and will definitely be fun.

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Also never back out from trying new tricks apart from these. Be at your best every time with these tricks.

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