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Self-care begins at home. In this case, a proper change in lifestyle to initiate weight-loss is best done from home. The solution is in your kitchen ingredients that help in shrinking the belly fat. At times, we straight head-on for pills and drinks which promise a dream life of weight-loss hacks from just a few sips.

If we look around through the fruit basket or the kitchen, or just the spice racks, there are a plethora of ingredients lying about, waiting to work wonders on our excess fat. These are times to remember that simplicity is key.

Why go further for solutions when you have pocket-friendly solutions right at home. The following are a few of the food ingredients you shall easily find at home.

1. Cinnamon

Ingredients Nutmeg Cinnamon Food Spices Kitchen

Cinnamon, when ingested, heats up your system for a short period of time. You will notice warmth in your belly from adding just a pinch of cinnamon in your tea or ginger water. It not only helps increase metabolism but also, reduces the chance of diabetes. It helps counter obesity and always a good addition to warm drinks and sprinkles on desserts.

2. Green Tea

Tea Lemon Honey Ginger Above Mint Herbal Herb

A cup or two of green tea daily can help burn off excess fat from the body. There are near to no calories in green tea, making it a safe and healthy consumable for any day. Caffeine in tea helps to increase the speed of fat loss from workouts and also keeps the body energized. Add a dash of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to improve the effect.

3. Cucumber

Sliced Cucumber Slices Food Vegetable Cucumber

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and are quite healthy for the body. There is no such thing as having excess cucumber slices. This ingredient is rich in fiber and water, not only helping flush out excess fat but also keeping us feeling full for longer. Adding it to salads and yogurt enhances its performance by the double.

4. Apple

Ripe Harvest Fruit Apple Red


An apple a day keeps junk foods away. This wonderful fruit is known widely for its inclusion in the diet charts. Apples have soluble fibers that help to keep the tummy filled for longer. Having little to no calories, apples are a wonderful substitute to sugary cakes and biscuits as a snack.

5. Yogurt

Berries Breakfast Fruit Fruits Fig Yogurt Healthy

Yogurt is a delicacy of all seasons. Be it with fruits, smoothies, or just a nice cup of a chilled scoop. Yogurt is especially well-supplied with probiotics or good bacteria. These aids massively to improve the metabolic system, thus speeding up digestion efficiently. This also helps in reducing fat decomposition in the body.

6. Cranberry

Cocktail Fruit Drink Cranberries Organic Berry

Cranberries are sweet, tasty, and albeit quite a healthy option when it comes to weight loss. Cranberry juice, for example, helps in reducing stored fat in the body. We should be careful of serving portions as too much of cranberry juice can lead to stomach upset. A healthy outflow of toxins is a safe option

There are, however, a few cautionary steps to adhere by if we want proper fat-burning actions to initiate from such a wholesome diet

– Avoid fizzy carbohydrate drinks and alcohol at all costs.
– Buy fresh protein from the market. Packaged meat is mostly ruined by preservatives.
– Eat as fresh as you can. Processed and canned food is not as healthy as it promised to be.
– Cut down on sugar consumption. The market is teeming with a proper sugar substitute which does not lead to diabetes risk.

French Fries Fries Hamburger Burger Cheeseburger

Following a proper meal planning helps alongside exercises and lifestyle changes we make in order to keep our wellness in check.

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