From pizzas to waffles, sometimes we all crave for certain temptations all of a sudden. Do you know while some cravings are purely for pleasure, certain cravings indicate hormonal imbalance and lack of nutrients.
Your body doesn’t just naturally crave for potato chips instead there is a physiological reason for it. This becomes a concern when you’re trying to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Here is what certain cravings indicate:

Craving for chocolate?

This happens too often with all of us. Maybe just by watching a TV commercial, or passing by a bakery shop or even in the middle of the night you can get such temptations. Though you might think that your body is craving for chocolate, that’s usually not the case. When you suddenly start craving for chocolate, it’s more likely that your body is deficient in magnesium. The same purpose can be solved by eating healthy alternatives like almonds or bananas. Other magnesium rich items are- green & leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage, peas), legumes, raspberries, avocado etc

Craving for sugary foods?

Well there is a sweet box laying in front you and you’re like only one and you will skip dinner for that. However we all know one sweet hasn’t ever satisfied our sweet tooth. Not just sweets, it can happen with sodas, ice creams or cake or pancakes. Well you’re body isn’t craving for sugar but it’s could be a matter of dehydration and low blood pressure. Healthy foods that can satisfy this craving include apple, orange or berries.

Craving for salty foods?

You suddenly crave for chips, spices and anything salty. But even draining an entire packet of chips you aren’t satisfied. Salt cravings are actually created when excessive sugars built up in your body or you consume a diet high in potassium and low in sodium. This craving indicates that your body needs vitamin B. Popping in vitamin B complex capsules would do or you can opt for natural means like celery juice.

Craving for fries?

Well staying in shape requires a total cut on our loved fatty foods like fries, chilli potato or chole bhature (because I’m a fan of them). But when you crave for fries; your body is in dire need of essential fatty acids. The burger you think can satisfy your craving is only high in trans fat which is not good for your health. Instead of luring into having a pizza or fried chicken; opt for nuts, avocados or medium cooked salmon.

Craving for bread or pasta?

Well this is also a very common craving. You can crave for pesto pasta or just some sandwiches. The crack usually is that you’re body actually needs nitrogen. I know bummer! Such carbohydrate cravings result because of the release of the pleasure neurotransmitter, dopamine. If you feel like having carbs instantly, go for some brown bread or a simply club sandwich.

Craving some red meat?

Well vegans are saved from such cravings. When you crave for red meat, that means, you are consuming a diet deficient in protein, iron, amino acids or phosphorus. When you work out, your body needs most of the proteins for their repair and recovery function. If you cut down on them you might feel dizzy, tired and sans energy for the entire day. Eating some dried fruits, beans and prunes will also satisfy your cravings.

It’s very tough to maintain your body in such a manner that your cravings just remain at the bay. And it’s really difficult to say no to every food you once loved. But remember not all cravings are worth satisfying. You can go for cheat days just in case your tolerance is hampered. But mostly try resolving them in a more healthy way.

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