Fitness should be an integral part of our daily routine. It’s totally possible to make working toward a goal fun and rewarding and there are apps that could encourage you and keep you motivated throughout the process. From keeping track of what you’re eating to giving you motivational reminders, these downloads are a must-try for anyone on a mission to make themselves better.

My FitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a free calorie counting app that features a food database of more than 5 million foods. When you first set it up, then at that point of time you will need to enter some information about yourself which includes your date of birth, weight and height, as well as your goal weight and how much you want to lose each and every week.

The app then creates a custom plan for you, which provide you with a calorie goal to work towards, which appears on the top of the diary page where you add your food, exercise and water intake on daily basis.

As you add, then you can see the food calories being deducted and the exercise calories added so it’s easy to keep track.

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss

Diet Assistant-Weight Loss which is also another free app that will deliver you a range of meal options to suit the diet you are on, whether it be vegetarian, pescatarian or high-protein, or even among others.

There are dedicated shopping lists per diet plan, with the nutritional facts, meal and weight entry reminders and a built-in BMI calculator, as well as a weight graph so you can see your progress.

Sworkit Workouts & Fitness Plans

Another great app that is loaded with large number of workouts that you can do at your home itself. You can also choose your custom workout routine. It has a large collection of workout videos that trains you about the moves and postures associated with each exercise. Sworkit has workouts for all the experience levels ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach offers the main features in the free version which even comprises of reminders, motivational photos, perseverance tips and a diet diary, along with three extra features in the pro version which includes a food craving panic button, a weight chart and a points system.

The diet diary, calorie counter and BMI calculator are more standard features but the My Diet Coach app stands out is for its motivational arguments and guidelines, along with the ability to customise the avatar to look similar to yourself.

FoodPrint Diet by Nutrino

The Nutrino app claims to answer the ultimate question of what should you eat and rather than just tracking your food, it will answer it based on your medical profile, goals and culinary preferences.

Google Fit

As always one the reliable products from google. It is an excellent app to track and record your activity. You can choose from large number of activities like running, cycling, pushups, number of steps you have taken in complete day or monitor your weight progress or even create your own goal.

It also tells your ranking in your city depending on how active you have been. How cool is that ?

In present times of technology, there are so many ways to make your workouts more exciting and effective. You just need to pick one that suits you the best and get going!

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