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Every time a celebrity workout is leaked, it creates a buzz around the internet. Everyone wants to follow the workout and diet regime mentioned. But, how about the curing the body before going for the desired physique.

Similar to obesity, being underweight has lots of vices for the body. It is not an achievement at all to fit in a size S garment as there could be hidden complexities generating inside the body whilst one is happy to be ‘physically perfect’ superficially.

Being underweight adversely affects the health through nutritional deficiency, infertility, lack in bone density and making you frequently fall sick. Ayurveda is the cleanest and the only natural treatment to the ailments of being underweight.

In comparison to modern medical procedures, it has no chemicals infused in its treatment process. Ayurveda targets the root of the disease rather than superficially removing it on temporary basis. Not to forget, there are usually no side effects as every element in Ayurveda is natural. In order to gain required weight to combat underweight issues, here are some Ayurvedic remedies:


Tulsi In Chavanprash Athelio Com

If the BMI(Body Mass Index) falls below 18.5, it is a sign of a poorly nourished body. Chyawanprash improves metabolism, allowing one to feel hungry than to skip meals. If consumed on a regular basis, it leads to a steady weight gain. Herbal ingredients in chyawanprash boosts immunity and protein absorption capabilities of the body. While daalchini, tejpata and tulsi enhances the metabolism, ingredients such as amla, aswagandha and meda increases mineral content in the body.

Vasant Kusumakar Ras

It is a cardio-protective agent consumed with sugar, ghee or honey. Vasant kusumakar Ras is available in powdered form in almost all drug store but only as a prescription pill. It is a muscle relaxant and rich in rejuvenation factors. Early morning intake on an empty stomach promotes weight gain. It also heals inflammatory diseases and nervous issues and is an overall nutrition source.

Ashwagandha churna

With warm milk, this powder can help to gain weight steadily. Ashwagandha churna also helps with one’s need of energy and at the same time, cools down the system after overeating. It is known to reduce stress and increase stamina in men. It is known for its several nutritive benefits and goes by the name of Indian Ginseng. Available in powdered form, best amount to ingest is 100 gms. a day


Saatavari Ayurveda Athelio Com

Saatavari comes from the asparagus family and assists in gastric problems, fertility issues amongst mothers and relieves stress. It helps in increasing body weight and contains re-hydrating factors that stabilize fluid inside the body. It is also known for its aid in breast milk production. As a natural antibiotic, Saatavari reduces the chances of cholera while making the immunity system stronger.

Annonna Squamosa

Custard Apple Ayurvedic Athelio Com

Also known by the name Sharifa in India, Annona Squamosa or custard apple is an ultimate food to increase body weight. It contains Vitamin A for healthy hair and body. Also known for regulating blood pressure levels, custard apple is also used to assist in ingestion problems. But moderate intake is much suggested as its rich fiber content disturb the nutrients absorption power of the body.

Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

It is a leading component in boosting immunity and helping with weight gain. Yashtimadhu periodically progresses towards weight gain by first strengthening the immunity system through stamina, thereby making weight gain a stable advancement.

An Ayurvedic doctor’s advice is a must for initiating a weight gain diet as the number of medical conditions that rise from being underweight might require proper medication.


Soruces: Chyawanprash, Aswagandha churna, Shatavari, Yashtimadhu, Annona squamosa

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