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Our spines take the maximum amount of pressure of all the bones in the body. The whole body’s movement, while in runs, short walks, workouts or sitting posture, define the strength and health of the spine. But we sit through our work for much more hours than just the mere 1 hour in the gym. So let us make that 1 hour count.

5 Workouts To Get Beautiful Back

Make sure to add upper and lower back workouts to your warm-up regimes. These will guarantee that the slight aches from prolonged office hours sitting, soothes and heals, reducing the risk of slip-discs or common back problems.

1. Bridge Pose

  • Lie down on the mat and bend your legs, knees facing up
  • Have your hands parallel to your sides or extended out from the shoulders
  • Keeping the core strength intact, raise up your hips and glutes.
  • Make sure to have your heels pressed to the floor and the neck loosened
  • Keep the pose for a while and bring the waist down

2. Butterfly Pose

  • On a mat, position a soft cushion right under the back
  • Sit in-front of the cushion, back-facing
  • Bring both toes and ankles closer by bending your knee outwards
  • Your hands should be on either side of the body behind the knees
  • With the help of your palms, lean the upper body back
  • Make sure to keep the ankles and toes touched
  • Be in the pose for a while and loosen up the body

3. The Cat and The Cow Poses

  • Bring your body down to all fours
  • Have the palms and the wrists in a straight line
  • For the cow pose, raise your buttocks up and let the stomach droop down simultaneously
  • breathe in during this pose
  • While exhaling, lift up the spine while looking down
  • Continue this for 10 counts

4. Cobra-Leg Lift

  • Lie down on your stomach and being the palms near the shoulders
  • While keeping core engaged and hips intact, lift up the chest with the help of your palms
  • Look up while keeping the pose intact
  • Start bringing your upper body towards the mat again, chin directed towards the floor
  • Remember to breathe in while lifting and breathe out before bringing the body down

5. Knee to Chest Pose

  • While lying on the mat, extend right leg out and bring the left knee towards your chest
  • Be sure to hold the knee with your arms to pull them closer
  • Relax your shoulders while in the pose and slowly release the knee
  • Bring the alternate knee towards your chest and initiate the same pose
  • Try this for 10 counts

In order to initiate these exercises, always have faith that the workouts you do, will require a fit body and determined mind to achieve a healthy bone and muscle mass.

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