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A well-built body stands tall and proud on toned and strong legs. Our thighs and glutes require specific exercises to reduce fat.

Our upper bodies have infinite numbers of workouts to reduce fat off the body. Lower body workouts need to be proper and perfect to have your legs looking toned and sculpted. Our thighs are stubborn areas which require specific workout to shed extra fat. But if worked on, toned inner thighs give off a lean and mean look that looks best in party dresses and casual shorts.

Here are a few exercises which help to tone up the inner thighs.

1. Side Lunges

  • Stand with your legs apart from the shoulder length
  • Keeping the glues tight, bring your body down on one leg
  • The other leg should be spread out straight to the other side
  • Stand up and repeat
  • Try 10 times each leg for 3 reps.

2. Side Leg Raises

  • Lie down on the left side of your body
  • Prop your torso up on your left elbow
  • The left leg should be slightly bent out on the mat
  • Raise your right leg up from the mat
  • Bring it down after 2 seconds and repeat
  • Perform this 15 times for each leg in 3 reps

3. Side Leg Extensions

  • Balance your body on all 4s
  • Keeping your glutes tight, raise your leg to the side, knees bent
  • Make sure to raise them parallel to your body
  • Bring it down and repeat 10 times each leg, for reps

4. Leg Extension

  • Bring your body down on your elbows and knees
  • Straighten out your right leg and raise them
  • Provide a pressure around your glutes when the leg is raised
  • Bring the leg down and repeat for 10 times each leg for 3 reps

5.  Sumo Squats

  • Stand with your legs extended beyond shoulder length on both sides
  • Keep your hands over your thighs, facing down
  • Keeping the core tight, squat down and raise yourself back up
  • Repeat this workout 15 times in 3 reps

These workouts, when put under the daily regime, will ensure you smooth and toned thighs for a healthier and fitter you.

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