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Just one in 20 people have a health problem. If you are perfect in your health you are in the minority, less than 5 percent of people worldwide who have no health problems.

Fitness and health, both are fundamental aspects of a person’s life. To get more inspiration towards health and fitness read the tips and advice of these fittest women of earth.

1. Tia-Clair Toomey


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Toomey is born in Australia on 22 July 1993.  She has been declared as the 2018 fittest woman on the earth by participating in Cross Fit Game. Tommy had applied 3 times in a Cross Fit Game but got success in this year.

She has done a lot of hard work to get this title, mainly focus to build strength for every level of the game in the last two months. She generally does some form of complex, whether it be a snatch pull or a clean or a jerk complex, and may even do some push press.

2. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir


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Katrin is the women’s champion of 2015 and 2016 of the Cross Fit Game. Basically, Katrin belongs to Reykjavik Iceland and is only 26 years old.  Some tips which have helped her to become Fittest Woman Earth have been focusing on the program, training with a good partner, working hard and being regular towards the exercise.

3. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille is an engineering student and has been practicing gymnastics at a high level for almost 14 years. She had to stop gymnastics at the age of 16 after being encountered with a hip injury. But with her dedication towards exercise and gym coupled with hard work and dedication, bagging her Cross Fit Game of 2014 declaring her 2014 fittest women on the earth. Camila is not only an athlete also a senior player of soccer and volleyball as well.

4. Samantha Briggs


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Samantha Brigs born on 14 March 1982 in England, is a 2013 cross fit champion. Her first contract to Cross Fit was in 2009 but was not able to win the full level. Nevertheless, she also participated in 2011 and 2012. But got success in 2013 and became the fittest woman on earth. She also worked as a firefighter with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Her hard work and regularity help her to get this title.

5. Annie Thorisdottir


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Annie comes from Reykjavik Iceland and is a professional Cross Fit athlete. She secured silver medal twice, along with one bronze medal of the Cross Fit Game. She is a 2012 fittest woman on earth. Annie first appeared in 2009 cross fit. She has also been taking boot camp classes to get the proper experience of the game. She is coached by Jami Tikkanen, who is the founder of the Training Plan and Reebok Cross Fit Thames in London and is also running a programming site for Cross Fit athletes.

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