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Loving yourself is understanding self at your lowest, best and every bit of yourself through flaws and perfection. Life is full of struggles and hurdles, you are the one who faces them all. You are your own knight in shining armor. Acceptance is necessary in order to heal emotional wounds and stray away from negative thoughts.

You have many roles in life and somehow, prioritizing yourself, comes last. With a little bit of effort and observing your daily activities, it is easy to find out how much you can provide your beautiful soul with the care it truly deserves.

Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

Friends And Bonds Athelio Com

Reach out and make more friends. Everyone has something unique in them that will inspire you. Friends and loved ones are best providers of companionship and advice when you need it the most. Good vibes from dear ones will always uplift your mood. More close friends you have around, their understanding, trust and love would make you stronger. Sense of responsibility for loved ones provide the self-respect one truly needs.

Read Books that Interest You

Books are a gateway to experiencing more lives and realities. It might be hard to keep up the habit at first, but with patience and willpower, you shall get there. A good book will teach you to experience life as it comes, while enjoying the adventure.

You Can Love Yourself Athelio

Even if there is a dragon involved in the story, you can imagine it to be your crowded Monday-morning metro to work. Stories have the power of drawing you into the scenes, looking at every instance from the author’s point of view and knowing that somewhere, someone thought of living this life and hence, built a story where they could live it.

Be One with Nature

One With Nature Athelio Com

Mother Nature is always there when you need her the most. Charming flowers to smell, ingredients to make food taste like heaven and most importantly, a beautiful world you can call your home. If you feel sad, sit in a garden or take a walk into the greens. Take a seat on the soft grasses and let the essence of the world erase your negativities.

Did you know looking at greenery can soothe eyes to feel calmer and at peace? Nature is the best healer with the sounds of the environment serenading you to feel uplifted and scenic greenery to view at your heart’s content.

Dance to Your Heart’s Content

Dancing Girl Athelio Com

Dancing is swaying the body in ways that cheer you up and make you feel alive. Every type of dance brings joy and cheer to the soul. Rhythmic music evokes different kinds of emotions to its beats. Lively tracks will make you feel energetic and carefree while a slow romantic track will bring about warmth and passion. Try dancing alone in a low lit room and you might feel an affection to how beautiful you let the body and soul glides to the flow of music.

Let Go of Virtual Reality

We often seek validation from the social sites more than needed. Let us learn to accept who we are without the help of social media. It only makes us carve out a personality that virtual friends and profiles can adore. Take some break from wearing the mask of the perfect person and learn every side of you.

Love every side of you that social media cannot dictate. It gives you more power to hold life in your hands and build yourself in a way that comforts you most. Don’t forget to encourage friends to meet in real life so they can find comfort in themselves as well.

Self love is the cement to a stronger and beautiful body and soul. Every step to knowing your worth comes handy when there is a  need to fight adversities. Never forget, to yourself, you matter the most.

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