Lets start it… we sometimes get bored easily with the same workouts on the agenda week after week. It’s time to switch things up to something more fun and entertaining. Ditch the dumbbells and pick up a new exercise that feels a lot less like “work”. With these 5 unconventional workouts, you must be having a blast while doing so!

Aerial Yoga

One of the principles stressed in yoga is inversion that is simply turning your body upside down and the benefits of doing this. Aerial yoga allows you to gain the benefits of inversion minus the strength necessary to stand on your head. Your body is more free to move in directions it may not otherwise be able to, and plus, it looks pretty damn cool.


Another indicator that this year is all about pleasing the kid within, and realizing your childhood dreams, is the new trend of going back to the skateboarding craze. While you might pretend you are doing it for fitness, nobody will believe you. But, for the blasphemers, skateboarding actually provides an incredible cardio workout, developing your coordination and balance, and it also makes your core work hard to keep your spine aligned and safe.


If anyone ever tells you that you’re acting like a child, you can simply claim it’s for fitness purposes. Getting stronger and fitter by crawling has become one of this year’s trends, as more and more people are using it not only in rehabilitation but also for its overall fitness benefits.

This simple activity can truly give you a burn, especially for your core and arms, and it offers a variety of movements that let you improve your mobility, especially in your shoulders and hips, which is perfect for any athlete, let alone someone who is recovering from an injury

Pole Dancing

Maybe you have strong opinions against this one because of its seedy origins, but regardless of where this exercise got its start it is definitely quite the workout. You need tons of strength and coordination to work against your body weight and keep yourself elevated. Lots of people swear by it for a killer and empowering workout–check it out yourself before deciding where you stand…or swing?


While jumping alone is far from a new concept in fitness, how about jumping on specially designed footwear that gives you an extra bounce? But that’s not all they do! Kangoo is a high-intensity workout, very demanding on your cardiovascular system, but it also brings more involvement to your legs, your calves in particular.

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