Working out in the morning could be toughest activity of the day. Well, its truly the best part of my day, at least once I’m done. I must admit that getting out of the bed in dark isn’t always the easiest. So, if you are seeking some tips to start your daily morning workout regime, read on!

Imagine your workout

True. first step to set you up is to imagine about waking up early to work out and enjoying. So, just few minutes before going to bed, think about waking up to your alarm and feeling excited about it. If you can do this regularly, it becomes much more easier to make it a reality.

Make it quick

Getting started for your workout has to be painless and quick. If you can get out of your bed, half the battle is already won. So, keep your workout clothes ready a night before, have your water bottle ready, brush your teeth, put on your running shoes and leave! It should not take you more than 5-10 minutes to get out of your door.

Do everything possible to wake up

I have a simple yet effective trick for this. set your alarm across the room so you have to get up and out of your bed to turn it off. Turn on the lights and some music to get you pumped. Be sure to warm up a little to charge your body before you really get moving

Have a few bites to eat and water

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Try to eat something before your workout. Protein bar or half of peanut butter sandwich works best. This will give your body body fuel for the workout. Also, drink a cup or two of cold water. This will get your metabolism going. During your workout plan a tasty and healthy breakfast that you’ll make when you are done.

Level up gradually

Try waking up earlier and earlier everyday, gradually. If you are not used to working out in the morning, it’s probably not the best idea to try to do it five days in a row. Experts recommend getting up and going to bed at same time everyday but mentally its far easier to get up early a few days a week than every day.

I believe these tipis might help you to get started with your morning workouts. However, there is no ‘best’ time to workout.

So, if exercising during afternoon or evening feels better than morning, then do it. Try to figure out your own best time and keep going!

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