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The Ayurvedic way of losing weight is to understand the simplicity of our bodies. While we think it is just overeating, our stress plays a vital role. 

Stress is the number one cause of over-eating, as we consume to distract our minds from the problematic issues. Sometimes it can be work and even personal matters. 

And during these moments, we forget to prioritize our bodies, their needs, nutrition, habits, and more. 


Stick to 3 Meals a Day

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We love eating and it is enjoyable. However, there should be a schedule in our eating pattern. Our body needs a certain amount of nutrients, to help it function. 

Hence, eating less is as problematic as overeating. Moreover, the latter can cause obesity (especially if you are eating junk food). 

Therefore, the ayurvedic way to regularize your meals would be to divide it into 3 meals a day. These hearty meals, each after a stipulated period, to cover the 24 hours. 


Enjoy Your Nutrition

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Ayurveda teaches us that when you are thankful for what you eat, you shall understand its helpfulness. 

Junk foods can make you sick, while healthy foods can help you stay fit. 

Hence, you can start every day by understanding how important the right meals are for yourself. 

Moreover, this can also be a useful way of loving yourself. 


Go Organic With Seasonal Foods

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Every food component has a purpose. For example, watermelons in summer can cool your system. Similarly, root vegetables and pumpkins can insulate from within during autumn and winter. 

And of course, the spring’s bountiful berries and leafy veggies are best for cleansing your system of the heavy winter meals. 


Be Active Post-Meals

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After heavy meals, a bit of moderate movement can help to kick-start your digestion. Of course, this should be slowly pacing around or helping to clean the dishes. 

By doing so, you can help your digestive system activate without needing fizzy drinks or medicines to stop bloating. 


Drink Room Temperature or Tepid Water

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Coldwater can cause throat aches, and also make you catch a cold, especially if you are coming back from the sun (rapid change of temperature).

Instead, try having room temperature water, and also some lukewarm water after your meals. 

Lukewarm or tepid water can help indigestion. The best part, a bit of warm water, or even a cup of tea after meals can help you feel refreshed!

When you go the ayurvedic way, losing weight through proper food practices can be a cup of tea. 

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