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Who wouldn’t like a flat belly? It is the one of the healthiest accessories to show off. A toned stomach also shows a balanced diet and proper daily self-care habits. A flat stomach is a fitness achievers’ main goal, as attaining a toned abdomen is the first sign of fat burning steadily through all the efforts that are put in.

A flat belly can neither be achieved through pill diets or shortcuts nor through 5 mins. daily exercises. They are better off as scams. A strict regime is of utmost importance if you wish to accomplish a toned stomach right before a friend’s wedding or just to make one fall head over heels by the first impression.

Here are 5 activities which are a-must if you wish those well sculpted abs:

Train Your Bigger Muscles – Quads, Glutes & Hamstring

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If your objective of lunges is set to 20 for 3 times, make it 5. Be sure to train bigger muscles beforehand to take up the extra work that helps in shedding the brown fat.  Glutes, hamstrings and limbs should be given proper attention so as to achieve those extra twists and few more minutes on planking without wanting to plop down. Every hill requires a greater will to climb it. A good session of cardio will also help you shed calories to achieve that fat-less stomach.

Let The Energy Work Wonders – Go for HIIT

Fast paced exercises lets the body know that you mean business. A vigorous cardio routine will heat up the body and flex the muscles to shed calories and extra fat. Use the energy for strenuous work-outs such as crunches, squats with heavy dumbbells and longer planking. Suryanamaskar is also one of the only slow exercises that helps toning the lower stomach fat deposit.

Avoid Over Exercising and Utilize Energy

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Over working one part of the body will only strain it. Instead, you can try fitting in few abs exercises to finish off your everyday workout schedule. Never go for cardio on days of muscle training. Keep separate days for separate parts of the body to train, but always try to incorporate abs drill into it.

Make Every Move Count

Make Every Move Count Athelio

Gym isn’t the only place to get things done. You do enough throughout the day that requires the body to move, twist, bend and lunge around. You’ll see more in you which shall increase confidence. Help people if things fall – squatting achieved. Run up the stairs with longer strides – pressure on lower belly fat, achieved. While in a meeting, go on with regular deep breathing during conversations. Everything you do only lets your steps go faster towards your body goal.

Watch Your Weight

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Watching weighing scale everyday might not be the correct measure of your success. Instead, be focused on achieving your weekly goals. Keep the motivation up and watch all the steps. However, check weight reduction once a week to keep a note of how your eating patterns and exercise routines are helping or not. All the efforts put in shedding those belly fat, matters.

A few tips to reduce that belly fat can always come in handy so do not forget to check the video below for some awesome ideas as to which exercises are good for your goals


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