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9-to-5 jobs are a necessary evil for the sake of keeping yourself active. Where would you be without working hard to achieve the goals. But it does not mean you can allow your body and muscles stress out and go haywire.

Office work requires one to sit through for longer hours after which it might be impossible for few to hit the gym. So why let the muscle strains stay while you can heal through stretching all while filing in the work drafts.

Here are a few simple tips to stretch and flex up the muscles while sitting on a desk job:

1. Un-work the thumbs

Finger Stretching Athelio Com

Whether its typing on the laptop or on phone, fingers do most of our works. imagine if all the fingers were bigger muscles in the body, how fast they’d wear out. Ease up the strain by pulling individual fingers to pop the stress bubbles inside. Let them unhinge by intertwining both hands’ fingers and stretching them out to release the tension.

It is important to keep the vital parts of our bodies calm as the stress only makes the job slower. A few examples below are good for the hard working souls



2. Strict No to Stiff Necks

Muscles and nerves around the neck are just as important to us as living is. To be more precise, one wrong snap behind the neck, we would be breathing our last. Constant slouching and working creates a stiff tensed area at the back of the neck which might lead to a muscle strain if not catered to at the right time.

Make sure to pull away from the desk, sit straight and move the head around, while covering the neck area. Rolling head clock-wise and anti clock-wise releases the built-up tension around the shoulders as well. Watch the following exercises for stiff necks.


3. Swing That Hip Round ‘n Round

Our posture whilst sitting has deteriorated with time as work loads keep increasing by the day. Slouching not only causes neck or back ache but puts a tonne of pressure on our waist. You could say we almost use our hips and waist as a cushion for the upper body to rest on.

This enormous burden only creates a chronic painful stress around the hip area, with a burning ache the moment we stand up. Small work outs like hip swinging from side to side and in circle helps. Looks like a small jig, but it is you unwinding to get back to work feeling more free on the body without any trouble. You might try the technique in the video without mentioned equipment.


4. Lower The Stress on The Back

Stress On Lower Back Athelio Com

The lower back takes most of the hits while you slouch and type all day. The strain on the spine can lead to numerous back problems the moment you reach your 50s. Why let it pass in when small stretching exercises can reduce the risk of weak bones or incorrect posture. Put your hands at the back of your body, then stretch forward and bend the upper body down and back up to repeat the process. A few minutes will unfasten the nerves and unlock the back from the searing ache. The video below can be followed for proper instructions.



5. Un-Jammed Hamstrings

Men have more problems regarding strained hamstrings muscles from prolonged sitting than woman can, The muscles only tighten up leading to feeling locked and immovable if not stretched out immediately. Muscles can feel jammed if you try to stand up quickly, which will lead to a muscle pull, the worst case scenario at a workplace.

Bend down and touch the toes without bending the knees. This keeps the legs stretched. Make sure to hold the buttock area and stomach tightly so this slight tension can remove the bigger and more potential pressure on the hamstrings. The following move is excellent to tried at work space during a lunch break.


Hopefully, the few tips provided helps reduce the stress the body builds up during work pressure. Make sure to know if muscles need proper medical assistance from being exhausted.


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